How to Sharpen Saw Blades by Hand? – The Proper Guideline You can Choose

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A blade can cut the big fat tree into equal parts but at times, blades are too weak to cut a paper! Yes, there are challenging times like this when even the expensive blade of your new saw is dull! To get rid of you, you must learn how to sharpen saw blades by hand at home!

If you are a newbie woodworker, this process will help you a lot! Check it out to make your woodcutting life experienced!

How to Sharpen Saw Blades by Hand

What types of blades or saws can be sharpened?

When you plan to sharpen a saw blade, keep in mind that not all the saws can be sharpened. Some saws in the market have special hardened teeth.

If you want to go for a blade sharpening session at home, you might not end up doing it as these are not designed for sharpening with the type of files you use regularly. However, excluding these, the other saw blades in the market can easily be sharpened with several gears.

When you check the saw blades sold these days, you will know that most of them have hardened teeth. As we sharpen the saw blades with the saw file, the file can cut the blade and shape it perfectly. But the problem occurs when the hardened blade is so sturdy that the file cannot shape it up.

Thus, you have to rely on a diamond wheel sharpener or a diamond file only. When you use a diamond file, according to the blade type and the steps, you might need regular taper files to larger files for these saws.

What tools do you need to sharpen saw blades by hand?

For sharpening saw blades with your hand, you do not need thousands of equipment. All you need is a flat-file along with a saw vise.

However, instead of a saw vise, you can get your hands on two boards with clamps for holding the blade. Along with this, you will require a saw file and a set of the saw! That’s all!

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Sharpen Saw Blades by Hand? – Step By Step

Before you learn how to sharpen a circular saw blade, you have to go through a handsaw. This might seem easy but from using the taper file in the right direction to making the angle perfect, everything requires precision! So, here,

Step 1: Trimming the Blade

If you are using a simple handsaw, things will be easier than the circular saw blades. First of all, you have to clean the handsaw and the cutting edges properly and then check the teeth.

If you want perfection, it is better if you compare the heavily used teeth in the middle and the lightly used teeth near the heel of your handsaw. If you see that the teeth in the middle portion are damaged or worn out, all you have to do is get a mill file.

Now, you have to get your hands on a taper-file. Any slim-taper or extra slim taper file will work for making the filing work perfect. Then, clamp it with the saw jointer.

Run it by the side of the handsaw. After a while, you will see that there is a small and shiny spot at the top parts of the blade teeth. At this point, all the teeth of the blade will be of identical height.

Step 2: Shaping the Pointed Teeth

Slowly, the jointing will help you remove more or less 1/3 of the teeth height. In this situation, you have to try the file again. Here, rely on the three-square file and start re-cutting the shapes carefully. Now take two long scraps and clamp the saw between them.

With your hands, align the scraps. Set it to 1/16 inch down from the old gullets. When you are planning to sharpen crosscut saws, go for slopped teeth sharpeners. The teeth should face a 75-degree angle from the blade’s tooth line.

If the saw you are sharpening the rip saw, you have to go for hooked teeth. Make sure that these face 95 degrees from the tooth line of the blade.

When you ensure that the teeth are at the correct angle, the file will reach the scraps and this is the point when you need to stop! At this point, there will be no shiny spots anymore but all the teeth will be pointed!

Are Saw Blades Worth Sharpening?

A lot of people think that there is no use in sharpening saw blades because it will not sharpen the blade rather will waste your energy.

But trust us; this can be an evolutionary change in your cutting experience because sharpening saw blade works!

If you have enough money to invest in a new saw blade, you are free to do that. But if you don’t plan for something like that, you have to settle for this method.

When the blades are sharp, you get the same result as the new saw! Yes, saw blades are amazing but in course of time, they get dull, and if you can get back their shine and sharpness, why not?

Watch the video for more info

Wrap Up

So, you have already learned how to sharpen saw blades by hand without using so many accessories. All you have to do is get the files mentioned here and the boards with clamps. Stick it and start sharpening! You’ll get the same sharp blade as before!

Don’t forget to comment below about how you sharpen your blades with your hand. Share your experience and secret tricks that can help all of us to make the process easier!