How to Remove Baby Poop Stains from Clothes

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The little explosion that comes from the bottom of the babies scares them a lot. What’s scarier is when you see the mess spreads all over the baby’s back. And guess what, diaper change turns into bath time. This is pretty much common for parents with newborn babies.

So, the cute looking outfit of your baby is no longer cute. This happens every now and then until the baby is potty trained. Like most other parents, you are concerned with how to remove baby poop stains from clothes, because buying new clothes after every accident doesn’t sound realistic at all.

But the thing is no matter how hard you wash it, poop stains don’t seem to wash away that easily.

Thankfully, there are ways to remove such stains from your baby’s clothes. And that’s what this article is all about.

How to Remove Baby Poop Stains from Clothes or Cloth Diapers

Follow the below-mentioned steps in order and bid a goodbye to poop stains!

Clean Up

Before you deal with the stain, first you need to clean all the messes that your baby has done.

Wipe As Much As You Can

How to Remove Baby Poop Stains from Clothes

Use baby wipes to clean as much poop as possible from his/her cute outfit. You can also use a paper towel if you find it effective. Do it quickly, if the stains dry, it will be more difficult to remove from fabrics. If the messes are on the carpet, pick the poops using a rubber glove or plastic bag.

Before proceeding to wash the cloth, be sure to read the label on the cloth. You must know the washing recommendations before trying anything. If it’s something unusual or fragile fabric, it would be better if you do a patch test as well. also, you can see baby fabric softener

Soak before Removing Stain

Having the washing instructions in your mind, soak the garment in warm water. Use a spray bottle to soak the stained area on a cloth diaper or carpet.

However, if you are unable to do the cleaning immediately, be sure to leave the cloth in a bucket full of cold water, let it soak before you attempt to remove the stains. Coldwater will prevent stains from setting in the fibers of the cloth.

Now that you are done with primarily cleaning, it’s time to remove the stain. There are a few ways to remove poop stain from your little one’s outfit, cloth diaper, or your carpet. You can either choose to use natural stain removers, homemade stain removers, or synthetic commercial stain removers.

  • Using Natural Stain Removers

You will need Buncha farmers stain sticks and lemon juice.

Take the stick and rub it directly on the remaining poop stain. You can also take a spray bottle filled with hot water and add some finely grate sticks. Give it a proper mix before spraying on the stains.

If you can’t manage to get Buncha sticks, lemon juice can do the trick here as well. You can either squirt a lemon directly on the stain or make a mixture of 1 cup water with ¼ cup of lemon juice and spray on the wet stain.

  • Using Homemade Stain Removers

You will need Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide to tackle poop stains with this method. Using any of these ingredients alone will not bring expected results. So, you need to combine them and use the mixture to remove the stain.

Now, make a mixture of one cup of Dawn, one cup of baking soda, and two cups of peroxide. After that, apply this mixture directly on the stains. If there is leftover, store it to use for the next poopy accident.

  • Using Synthetic Commercial Stain Removers

This is the best and more effective way of getting rid of poop stains from your baby clothes. There are lots of poop stain removers in the market. If you want less hassle, be sure to grab one that is friendly to baby skins, clothes, and doesn’t contain any chemicals or fumes.

These stain removers come in either liquid or spray form. All you need is to pour or spray the recommended amount of solution directly on the stained area of the fabric, wait for 5 to 20 minutes as per the instructions say, and wash the stain off by machine washing the clothes.

Rub and Scrub

No matter which method you follow above, be sure to follow these steps after using any of the methods.

After spraying or applying the stain remover of your preference, take an old toothbrush and gently scrub the stained area. When you are done scrubbing, leave it for at least 15 minutes.

Wash Away All the Stains

Now, wash the cloth or diaper as you usually do. You can either hand-wash it if it’s enough or machine wash using a baby-friendly detergent.

As carpets are concerned, use a spray bottle to rinse with cold water. Take a cloth or towel to pat dry it. You can place a fan over the carpet as well.

Sun Dry If Possible

Although it’s optional, it’s highly recommended that you hang the clothes and cloth diapers to let it dry in the sun after removing the stain and washing. Be sure to hang colored fabrics with a print inside to prevent fading. Hanging cloth diapers in ‘hot dog style’ will protect the elastics for convenience.

The cloth can still seem that the stains are there when it’s wet. You can only tell whether the stains are gone or not, only after the cloth dries completely. Direct sunlight comes very useful to remove stain and other marks, take that advantage.

If you still find stain on the fabric, use a commercial poop stain remover if you didn’t use, or repeat the process. also, check this handy Baby Dryer Sheets

Tips to Remove Tough Stains from Clothes

  • Don’t leave the stained cloth for too long. Clean it as soon as you can. Leaving the stain and allowing it to dry will reduce the chance of removing it completely.
  • Be sure not to use room-temperature water to rinse out the stain from the opposite side of the cloth. It will push the stain into the fibers.
  • Be gentle while scrubbing or brushing the cloth. Going too hard can wear it down.
  • After using the stain remover, don’t rush to wash it right away. Let it sit and penetrate into the fiber to tackle the stains.

Final Words

Once you figure out how to remove baby poop stains from clothes, you no longer need to freak out when the situation goes out of your control. Be sure to wear baby cloth diapers to conduct fewer poop accidents. These will also save your money from buying disposable diapers more frequently.