How to Cut Straight with a Reciprocating Saw?

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As a woodworker, having a circular saw and a table saw is a must for cutting straight lines. However, at times, it is not an option to invest in so many saws. The best option, in that case, is to settle with the available reciprocating saw that you have! 

Yes, if you have a reciprocating saw, you can cut straight lines with it too! Do you want to learn how to cut straight with a reciprocating saw? We will go through a step-by-step process to make it easy for you!

Have a look at our steps and try it out! 

Step by Step Cutting Straight with a Reciprocating Saw 

It is quite easy to cut a straight line with a reciprocating saw if you are a little tricky. And we are here to tell you the tricks! Go through these and let the blade do the rest!

Step 1: Drawing the Lines 

Before everything, you have to mark the line that you are going to cut. A straight line is required for cutting it. However, make sure that the line is enough clear for you to see when you are cutting. Get your hands on a market pen for drawing the line. 

The thicker pens are recommended for this process. Go for a pencil if you want to keep the area clean after the cut. Tape measures are another amazing way to draw the lines for a perfectly straight cut. If you are dealing with a table saw, it is easy to work with a guide. 

But as you are using a reciprocating saw, be careful about the marked line. The saw will be before you and so, you might not be able to see properly. Get a thick marker for this job. 

Step 2: Inserting the Blade 

Once you have drawn the straight, get the blade ready for the cutting procedure. First of all, hold the blade properly with the hands. In the process, you might mistakenly drop the blade. It can injure you severely. 

So, make sure you have kept your legs and other body parts away from the blade when you are setting it. With your hands, tilt the saw back a bit. Take it towards your body. For this, you need to hold the top of the blade that is pointing to the air. 

Never tilt it too much. A slight tilt is enough to do the work. All you need to do is touch the top to the surface that you are planning to cut. Now, place the blade on the workpiece. No matter you are cutting a wood piece or a metal one, you must be careful while doing this step. 

Certify that the blade is sinking in the workpiece. Once it starts getting the workpiece, you have to make the blade straight. Take it straight up the handle. In this position, the blade’s body should be at a 90-degree angle to the workpiece you are dealing with. 

Step 3: Adjusting the Shoe 

Whenever you are working with a saw, there will be kickbacks. If you are eager to learn how to cut straight with a reciprocating saw, reducing the kickbacks is a must. No matter you are cutting a metal piece or a wood piece, this will happen. 

So, you must go through the shoe of the saw that can aid you in this case. When the blade gets in, there will be the perfect lineup with the workpiece if you are using the shoe. It will provide you stability when you work. Also, it ensures your security. 

Drop the saw into your workpiece and then you have to let the show of the reciprocating saw meet it. It will lay flat on the surface. Also, it will help in reducing the kicks you will see while using the blade. When you are ready with it, it is time for you to start the cutting process. 

We always recommend you get a flat and even surface for working with a saw. A worktable is the best option in this situation. However, in some situations, you do not get an even surface for cutting the piece. In that scenario, you can also get a pivot shoe for helping you out. It ensures safety and stability even on uneven surfaces. 

Step 4: Lining up the Blade 

Now that you are ready with the show is it is touching the workpiece, get ready for the final lineup. Get hold of your blade and then start lining up the reciprocating saw’s blade. With your hands, start applying pressure. Make sure the pressure is gradual and not too much. 

Move the blade down through the workpiece in an even pressure. Do not haste. No matter you are using a topnotch blade; you must confirm that you are feeling the vibrations while slowly taking it down. It will afford you a quality finish with a smooth cut! 

Also, the cut not be perfect if you are a newbie but after some practice, it will turn perfect. All you need to do is improve your control of the blade and avoid any injuries. 

Lining up the handle of the blade with your body is an amazing way to increase control. By doing this, you can control the blade more than before. 

Step 5: Moving the Blade 

All you have to do now is take the blade through the workpiece slowly. Keep your hands stable and move them steadily. Keep the pace smooth. Avoid all sorts of splintering and slipping off. Also, keep checking on the marked line otherwise you will miss it. 

You are almost done; all you need to be is a little more patient. When you reach the bottom part of the workpiece with your blade, you have to position the body properly. If your body is on the way, you can go through worse accidents. 

The part you are going to cut will fall. So keep it 90-degree angle to the blade. Also, take your legs away to keep them safe. Slowly, get the blade through and keep the body tight. Do not stop; instead, keep on going straight thinking there is still wood left. 

After then, release the trigger of your blade. It will take some time to stop. Wait for it. Left up the blade from the bottom part of the workpiece and place it somewhere safe. That’s all! You are done! 

Final Verdict 

Cutting a straight cut with a reciprocating saw is not tough. The whole focus should be on the preparation of marking and keeping the blade steady while you work! Do it a few times and you will be perfect soon! 

Have you learned how to cut straight with a reciprocating saw? Let us know if you have tried it or not! Which saw do you use for cutting a straight line? Share it with us!