How to Clean Disposable Gloves?

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In this world of dirt and pollution, the recent name of fear is viruses. Yes, viruses and bacteria are taking lives for years now, but the rate of death has increased. And for the safety of you and your family, the only thing that can safeguard us is awareness! 

These days- staying safe is intensely related to masks, gloves, sanitizers, and other PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. If you are using disposable gloves every day while you go out, you should know how to clean disposable gloves. 

Today, we will discuss the steps for cleaning such gloves and help you use them once again! Bear with us!  

Step by Step Cleaning Disposable Gloves 

It is recommended that you do not use disposable gloves twice if you have options. But if you do not have other options, you can plan on cleaning your disposable gloves. Here, we will talk about how to clean latex gloves with proper care and safety. 

Step 1: Get Soapy Water 

Your first step for these cleaning disposable gloves is to get clean water. In this case, you will need more or less one bucket full of water. Now, get some soap and make the bucket full of soapy water. The soapy water should be clean and disinfected. 

Step 2: Take off the Gloves 

As you are ready with the disinfected bucket of soapy water, you can remove the gloves now. To remove the gloves safely, you can follow the guidelines by CDC. While removing the gloves, make sure you do not touch your skin. 

All you need to do is hole the outer part of a glove at the wrist. Then, peel the glove from your hands. In short, you have to pull it inside out. Now, with your hand, hold the glove that you just removed. Make sure you hold it with the hand where you are already wearing a glove.

Now, it is time to take off the next glove. Slowly, take your fingers inside the glove at the top part of your wrist. Then, pill the glove away from your skin. Make sure you are turning it inside out once again. 

Here, you will see that the glove that you have removed previously is already inside the newly removed gloves. In this way, you won’t be touching the bare skin while removing the gloves. 

Step 3: Wear New Gloves

This is the most important part when it comes to learning how to clean disposable gloves. Some think it is not necessary but it is. Now, get the gloves inside the bucket you prepared earlier. 

Inside the soapy water bucket, you have to throw the gloves. After this, your first job is to get your hands clean. Yes, you haven’t touched the bare skin but you must clean the hands to keep away from germs. 

After washing your hands with soap and water, you have to get some other gloves. In this case, we recommend any thicker gloves that can keep you away from all sorts of contamination. If you choose rubber gloves, you are completely safe! 

Step 4: Soap the Disposable Gloves 

As you are ready with the gloved hands now, you can go for cleaning the disposable gloves. Get your hands inside the bucket and start rubbing the gloves. 

As these gloves are made of latex, the soapy water will easily remove all the debris. So not take them off the water while rubbing off the debris. Keep them underwater so that they get water all around for getting cleaned. 

You must keep the gloves inside the water for some hours to make sure that all the germs are gone. If you can, keep them inside the water overnight and let them soak there. 

Step 5: Disinfect the Second Pair 

Now that you are done with rubbing the debris from the gloves, you have to get your hands clean. For this, you need to take off the rubber gloves that you used for keeping you safe. Take them off and then wash your hands with disinfectant soap. 

Here, you have to ensure that you have cleaned the rubber gloves too. Disinfect the rubber gloves and clean them. After disinfecting these gloves, you must wash your hands once again. 

Step 6: Rinse with Water 

After the previous steps, wait for 6 hours to 24 hours and let the latex gloves soak inside the soapy water. When the period is completed, you have to get your hands inside the rubber gloves once again. 

This time, for your safety, try to wear an apron. Now, take the disposable gloves out of the soapy water and put them inside clean water. 

Check the holes of the disposable gloves. In some cases, the gloves might include holes. If you see this, you must throw them away because these won’t keep you safe anymore. 

Step 7: Dry and Store 

Once you have rinsed the gloves in clean water, you have to dry them if you want to wear them afterward. Air-drying is the best method for this. 

Or else, you can use a hairdryer for drying the disposable gloves. After drying, store them in a place where they won’t go through germs. Also, when you are done with the gloves, wash your hands immediately! 

Wrap Up 

People often ask how to clean disposable gloves and should we clean them or not. If you follow these steps, you can easily keep the gloves free from dirt, debris, and germs. However, always try not to clean the gloves and instead throw them away after you are done with the work. 

How do you clean your disposable gloves? Do you prefer cleaning them and wearing them again? Share your views with us in the comment box!