How To Change Weed Eater String

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Maintenance is crucial if you’re trying to make your lawn trimmer last longer. Even the best brand will require new strings every couple of months.

The Weed Eater is the most notable brand of lawn trimmer, due to its efficiency, longevity, and affordability. Maintaining and reloading your trimmer’s line should be a breeze, as you equip yourself with the right knowledge!

Although the string isn’t exactly fragile, it can get tangled, get damaged, or wear out if you use it for a long period of time.

This article will give you a step-by-step method of changing the Weed Eater string to keep your lawn trimmer at its optimal state for a long period of time.

Method 1: How To Change Weed Eater String

Unlike double-line trimmers, single-line trimmers are much easier to replace, and the best option for residential uses. The method is quite similar, but single-line trimmers tend to get tangled less than their double-line counterparts.

Step 1: Turn off the Trimmer

To avoid any accidental start-ups, remove the battery pack or unplug the trimmer before starting to take it apart. If you just turned off your trimmer engine, it’s best to let it sit idle for a couple of minutes to help it cool down.

Step 2: Remove the Trimmer Line

Turn the trimmer upside down to remove the strong spool cap. You might have to unscrew it or press down on two sides of the cap. This will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Consult your manual before starting with this step. Find the tap button on the bottom of the spool and remove it by firmly pulling on it to slowly but surely slide off the spindle.

Step 3: Insert Replacement Line

Find the anchor hole for the spool and insert the trimmer line and wrap it in the direction of the arrows. Make sure to wrap it in clean rows to avoid tangles in the future. The trimmer line must be the same length and width of the line you just replaced.

Attach the last 5/6” inch of the line into the retainer or exit hole of the spool-housing and keep the line in place.

Step 4: Re-Install the Spool-Housing

Align the exit hole of the spool-housing with the notch of the spool. This will help smoothly feed the line through the hole once attached.

Step 5: Re-Attach the Cover

Securely re-attach the spool retainer into place until you hear a click. If your model features a cover for the spool, set that into place and re-attach the battery when done.

Method 2: Replacing String on a Double-Line Trimmer

Double-line trimmers are more prone to get jammed and tangled, which is why it’s best to properly align the trimmer line when replacing it. However, double-line trimmers are better for larger projects and work much more efficiently in the long run.

Maintenance for double-line trimmers is rather similar to that of single-line ones, but it requires a much more careful and steady hand.

Step 1: Turn off Trimmer

Turn off your engine before turning the trimmer upside down. Make sure you leave the trimmer idle for a couple of minutes to help it cool to avoid injury.

Step 2: Disassemble the Trimmer Head

Remove the spool cover and the retaining cap from the trimmer head. Depending on the design, you can either unscrew it or press on the multiple tabs on both sides to unlock it.

Step 3: Remove the Old Trimmer Line

Starting from the eyelets, remove both ends of the trimmer lines by firmly pulling it off of the spindle. The replacement lines must be the same width and length of the one you’re removing. Find the anchor holes before setting up the replacement trimmer lines.

Step 4: Install Replacement Trimmer Line

Insert the tip of the trimmer line through the anchor hole and wind it clockwise or in the direction of the arrows. Remember to make the lines in neat and straight rows to avoid any jams in the future.

Keep around 5” inch of the remaining line at the end and set it into the retainer of the spool and hold the trimmer line in place.

Step 5: Replace Second Trimmer Line

Repeat the same method with the trimmer line on the second trimmer head and snap the end into place in the retainer of the spool.

Step 6: Assemble and Re-Attach the Cover

The ends of both the lines attached to the retainers should be located on opposite sides of the spool. Take each of the ends and insert them through the eyelets on opposite sides of the trimmer head. It should pull smoothly through the slots, re-attach the spool cap into place securely until you hear a click.

Slowly restart the engine or re-attach the battery to test your trimmer before using it again.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remember to buy the exact width of
    replacement string or spool
  • Consult the user manual of the trimmer or
    talk to a professional clerk at the hardware store before purchasing
  • The length of the string also varies
    depending on the product, so it’s best to check the manufacture website or
    consult the customer service department
  • Do not attempt to replace the string
    before doing proper research, as it can potentially cause injury

Keep Your Weed Eater at Its Best State for Years!

A string trimmer can be considered as the best and most versatile tool for yard maintenance by most professionals.

Keeping your lawn polished is no longer a daunting task with the right trimmer, string, and handle. Investing just an hour, once a week, is all you need to keep your overgrown grass at bay!