12 Essential Tools for Every Home

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If you are a new homeowner, then congratulations! Owning a home is a great feeling, but you might be worried since it is difficult to maintain or decorate it to your liking. It seems like an awfully hard task to do.

Fear not, for this article will help you identify some important tools you should always have around your house. These essential tools’ checklist will help you in a large variety of situations and general tasks.

What we are going to cover

Before we move on to how these tools will help you, we should go over a list of what these tools are so that you can cross-check what tools you have and what tools you will need to go out and buy.

  • Hammer (preferably the claw hammer variant)
  • A screwdriver set (manual screwdriver)
  • Electric drill (preferably cordless)
  • Pliers (both needle-nose and tongue-and-groove)
  • Allen wrench set
  • Knives (make sure to have a utility knife and a putty knife)
  • Tape measure (for ease of use, a digital one is
  • Level (4 foot)
  • Multi-tool (preferably Leatherman)
  • Electric saw (and necessary blades)
  • Nailer (brad or finish depending on the job)
  • Staple gun

There can be many more tools, but these are what many people consider absolutely necessary to have in your household.

12 Essential Tools You Need in Your Home

This article will go over how these tools will help you and what you may use them for.

1. Hammer

A hammer is mostly used to push nails into pieces of wood. They can also be used to straighten out metal sheets. If you want to keep a hammer, you should opt for a claw hammer. A claw hammer is a variant where one end of the hammer has a 2 pronged claw extending out.

This claw is used to unhook nails stuck into pieces of wood. You simply grip the nail using the claw and then pull it out. This way, you won’t have to use two tools, and you can keep a hand free.

2. Screwdriver Set

You will obviously need a screwdriver to screw in nuts or bolts. However, there are many different shapes and sizes of screws and bolts. An easy solution is to buy a manual screwdriver set.

A manual screwdriver set features multiple blade tips in different sizes that can be easily attached and detached. This will prevent you from having to keep multiple screwdrivers as one can do the job. And a screwdriver is a handy tool as you will need it to assemble furniture and tighten loose screws.

3. Pliers

If you want to grip nails or bend wires, you will want a pair of pliers. There are two different types of pliers, and it is recommended to keep one of each at all times.

Needle nose pliers have much smaller mouths and are used mostly for bending wires. Tongue and groove pliers are much bigger and are mostly used for crimping, i.e., joining two pieces of metals by making deformations or folds.

4. Allen Wrench

Some pieces of furniture are assembled using hexagonal screws. For these, you will need to make use of an Allen wrench. Allen wrenches are also known as hex keys because of this. This tool is usually sold in kits containing different sizes of wrenches, so it is recommended to buy a kit.

5. Utility Knife and Putty Knife

At times, you will need to shave wood or sharpen something. A utility knife is a great general tool for these tasks. It comes with a set of blades that can be used easily. Make sure to get a utility knife that has a rubber grip for more comfort.

If you want to scrape off paint or reglaze a window, a helpful tool is the putty knife. It has a wide blade that allows it to perform these tasks quite reliably and quite necessary if you’re planning on applying a new coat of paint to your house.

6. Manual Staple Guns

While there are electrical powered ones, generally manual staple guns are used more due to their ease of use. They are mainly used in secure carpets, and so they end up being essential for furnishing your house.

7. Level

This is a helpful tool if you want to hang portraits or shelves in your house. Levels are used to make sure your portraits or shelves are adjusted straight. You will want to use a metal one since they are more durable.

8. Multi-Tool

Multi-tools, as the name suggests, are multiple tools rolled into one. They often feature pliers, knives, and even screwdrivers. While they’re not as specialized as their singular counterparts, they are still worth having, especially the Leatherman Wave series of multi-tools.

9. Sheath for Leatherman Wave

If you opt to buy a Leatherman Wave multi-tool, you should also buy a Sheath for Leatherman Wave. These sheaths protect the tool and keep it secure. They also make it easier to carry around your multi-tool.

10. Digital Measuring Tape

Regardless of what work you do, if your measurements aren’t accurate, your work will end up being sloppy. A digital measuring tape is an accurate device that can help you measure out the amount of space your shelf might take or whether you can fit your new cabinet in a certain space.

11. Nailers

Sometimes hammers might not be enough for the job. Nailers are a better alternative featuring more power and don’t require a lot of strength to operate.

12. Electric Saws

For cutting large amounts of wood, you’ll often need to use an electric or power saw. It is handy to have one around, but you should be careful when operating it.

13. Saw Blades

After buying your electric saw, you will generally want to invest in a saw blade. These blades perform better and are strong enough to cut through plywood, which you’ll be working with a lot.

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14. Electric Drill

If you need to drill holes and drive screws, then you will want to invest in an electric drill. A cordless electric drill is preferred to reduce the dangers of tripping over wires when working.


Hopefully, now you have an essential tools checklist to have in your home that will serve you well.