Top 10 Best Weed Eater String in 2020 – Quick Buying Guide

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If you are landscaping and you need to weed or mow down grass in a tight area, a string trimmer or weed eater would be the best tool to help you in this case. So, a string trimmer uses long and strong whipping pieces of material that will slice through the plants.

This whipping material is known as a trimmer line, and you should know the type of line that you wish to buy for your weed eater.

We understand the stress and challenge of finding the perfect weed eater string. For that, we came up with this article to educate you about the best trimmer lines out there. Also, you will know how to pick the best weed eater string once you finish reading this article.

Read on to get more insights.

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30ft Line String Trimmer
30ft Line String Trimmer

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WORX Replacement Trimmer Line
WORX Trimmer Line

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Oregon Magnum Gatorline Square
Oregon Magnum Gatorline Square

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Titanium Force String Trimmer Line
Titanium String Trimmer Line

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DEWALT String Trimmer Line
DEWALT String Trimmer Line

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Our 10 Best Weed Eater String in 2020

When finding the best weed eater string, most people consider what other customers list as the top strings out there. To help narrow your search, here are the top 10 weed eater strings that you should consider:

1. 30ft Line String Trimmer, 3-Pack

Let’s start with this top-quality trimmer line from Black and Decker. One of the reasons that made us go for this line is the fact that it comes from a reputable brand. Everybody who uses power tools understands the dominance of Black and Decker in the industry. But that is a story for another day.

With this string trimmer line, you get three pieces that will serve you for long enough as you cut down the weeds or grass in your lawn. This one has been made to work with the Black and Decker string trimmers. But you must confirm if it will work with your trimmer or not.

This line is 30 feet long and comes with a .065-inch diameter. These dimensions make the line durable and reliable enough to serve you for a long time. It utilizes centrifugal force that will automatically feed the cutting string while getting rid of hitches and bumps.

We loved the packaging of this line. Black & Decker brings you the weed eater string in a friendly packaging. Thanks to the packaging of this string, you will have an easy time when loading or replacing it on your weed eater.

The fact that the string comes in a pack of three assures you of reliability. You won’t have to worry about running out when you get this product.

We noticed the smooth feeding with this line once we loaded it to the weed eater. This is a plus feature that not every line has.

Key Features :

  • 30-ft line length
  • 065-inch diameter
  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Excellent packaging for fast loading/replacing
  • Utilizes centrifugal force for automatic feeding


2. WORX Replacement Trimmer Line

If you are the kind of person that hates running out of weed eater line in the middle of a shape-up lawn project, here is a great trimmer line you can consider having.

First off, the line comes in a pack of 6, which helps serving you for a long time without running out. But it isn’t just about the quantity, but the quality too. This one is made of high-quality patented copolymer nylon resin and synthetic material.

With such a strong material, you can be confident of a durable line that will cut through the weeds and grass swiftly.

While the first line on the list comes with a 30-ft length, this one offers you 10-ft for each line. In other words, you get a total of 60-ft of trimmer line. This means that the first product from Black & Decker is still king in terms of line abundance. You get three products of 30-ft each, which makes it a total of 90-ft.

The line is pliable and flexible, which means that it can stretch easily and also features a unique cushion on impact with hard surfaces. Besides that, this weed eater string comes with an oval aerodynamic shape. Thanks to this aerodynamic shape, the line will drag less.

As a result, you can be confident of more efficient cuts with your trimmer and string.

This baby comes with a tensile strength of 100 pounds, which is stronger than most lines out there. In other words, it will remain strong and capable of cutting tough weeds or grass.

Key Features :

  • 10-ft line in a pack of six
  • Pre-Wound spools for easy replacement
  • High-Quality patented copolymer nylon resin and synthetic material
  • Oval aerodynamic shape limits the drag
  • Flexible and pliable for stretching and unique cushioning


3. Oregon Magnum Gatorline Square

Here is another top weed eater string that is designed to last for a long time. This line is strong, and we noticed that it is also temperature tolerant. In other words, it won’t melt in high heat. You can even say that the line won’t weld.

The material and construction of this weed eater string are some of the things that make it rank high. It is made of heavy-duty, pro dual polymer. So yes, it comes with two cores. The inner core is sturdy enough to allow the string to cut through weed and grass without any problem.

Besides being able to cut down the toughest weeds or grass, this string will also serve you for a long time.

If you have been changing the strings on your weed eater severally on a single job, this could be your solution to that. With this trimmer line, you can cut through the weeds and grass without the need for a string change.

The inner core might be strong, but it is also very much flexible. It does come with a .095-inch diameter, and measures around 57-ft long.

By the way, the inner and outer cores are meant to offer the best of this string. While the inner core will provide high strength to resist breaking, the outer layer will prevent welding.

Key Features :

  • Around 57-ft length
  • .095-inch diameter
  • Heavy-Duty two-core polymer
  • A high-strength inner core and weld-resistant outer layer
  • Square shaped string
  • Flexible
  • 20-second load time


4. Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

The length of this weed eater string is enough to serve you for the longest time. If you are prioritizing the length of a trimmer line, this would ideally be among the best. This one comes with an incredible 140-ft length for reliability.

It will fit in most of the standard trimmer heads, but you must check if it is compatible with your weed eater first. It is made of high-quality commercial-grade copolymer that makes it strong and durable enough.

Furthermore, this line comes with a patented design that is based on an innovative edge technology to offer it a long life. Plus, it is designed to deliver better performance. The fast acceleration helps to make it run quieter. So, you won’t have to worry about excessive noise that most weed eaters make.

With a .095-inch diameter, this weed eater line is strong enough to cut even the toughest weeds out there. It comes with a fast trimming speed that allows you to get the job done in the shortest time. This is also the reason it will consume less fuel while trimming the weed and grass.

Key Features :

  • High-Quality commercial-grade copolymer
  • Compatible with most standard weed eaters
  • Advanced technology enhances performance and durability
  • Fast trimming speeds
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Runs quieter


5. DEWALT String Trimmer Line

This unit from DEWALT easily qualifies amongst the best weed eater strings. It doesn’t only come from one of the best brands out there, but also comes with a strong construction too.

Here, you get a weed eater line that is 225 feet long and 0.080-inch thick. Well, this weed eater line is not the best pick for commercial use. Instead, it would suit you perfectly if you want a decent line to use with your string trimmer at home.

It is made of a flexible material that is impact resistant as well. By the way, you shouldn’t be fooled by the light-duty construction of this line. The line can comfortably cut the weed and grass on your lawn without breaking. So yes, it is designed for prolonged and durable use.

You can use this one to trim or edge grass back at home. Besides, it does come with an aerodynamic design that is sure to serve you well with your grass/weed cutting. We think this is the best light-duty trimmer line out there.

Furthermore, we won’t fail to mention that the trimmer line comes at a reasonable price. If you compare the price with the length of the line you are getting, it makes it a great product with value for money. This line comes with a wound-style that is tough and capable of slicing the weeds and grass around your home with ease.

Oh, and this unit will comfortably work with Kobalt Ryobi trimmers, among other top brands.

Key Features :

  • 225-ft length
  • 080-inch diameter
  • Flexible and impact-proof material
  • Compatible with Kobalt Ryobi trimmers, and other top brands
  • Affordable price tag
  • Best for light-duty applications


6. Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

Okay, so the previous product on the list might not be the best pick for a commercial trimmer line. However, this one from Arnold perfectly fits in a commercial weed eater. But it’s not just about fitting in the trimmer.

Rather, the line is also strong enough to last long while cutting even the toughest weed and grass.

This one comes with a thickness of 0.65-inches, along with a maximum length of 220-ft. That length and diameter perfectly make the line a top pick for commercial use. First off, the line is made with a high-quality and durable polymer material. The best part is that this line comes with a serrated shape, with some extra mass.

Usually, this design will perfectly handle even the toughest weeds or if you are using it for a long time. We have to mention that this line comes with 11 refills, which we thought was reliable enough. What makes the line even worth buying is the cutting tool that comes with it.

And yes, this one will fit the majority of electric and gas trimmers out there. If you are tight on budget, but you still want a durable line for your weed eater, this one would suit you perfectly. It is an economical choice since it is affordable and very much reliable.

Key Features :

  • Strong and sturdy material
  • 220-ft length
  • Standard, 0.065-inch diameter
  • Comes with 11 refills
  • Free cutting tool included
  • Comes at an affordable price


7. 315-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line

For the commercial projects that need a heavy-duty trimmer line that is durable enough, this one from Cyclone would be the ideal pick. This baby comes with a thick diameter, and it is also quite longer than most weed eater strings on this list.

With this one, you can enjoy a 0.155-inch thick line that is 315 feet long. So yes, the line can perfectly handle your weeds and grass while staying strong for long. Furthermore, this line comes with a patented 6-bladed shape for increasing the cutting power.

We recommend this trimmer line for the high-wheel trimmers. Generally, you can use it with any trimmer with a 0.065-inch diameter. It is made of proprietary commercial-grade copolymer nylon that is strong and durable, as well.

You can be sure that this line will cut through thick weeds and shrubbery easily. Regardless of the size of your yard, this line will comfortably cut the weeds and grass there. If you have a large yard that needs constant upkeep or you are a professional landscaper, this line would serve you perfectly.

Being a strong and durable line, you can use this weed eater string for multiple jobs even before you replace it. That is a unique feature that most trimmer-lines lack.

Plus, this line will not become hesitant or snag even when you are cutting thick greenery. Thanks to the heavy-duty material and the thickness of the line, it will stand firm against wear and tear.

Key Features :

  • Heavy-Duty commercial-grade copolymer nylon
  • 155-inch diameter
  • 315-ft length
  • Comes with a patented 6-bladed shape for extra cutting power
  • Strong and durable for multiple usages
  • It doesn’t snag when cutting thick greenery


8. Edge 100-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line

This unit is listed as a commercial weed eater, which is capable of offering the best cutting experience when cleaning up the yard.

The line is made of high-quality material to last for long and perform decently. It features a diameter of 0.095-inch, which is considered thick enough for commercial use. Plus, it is 100-ft long.

While that might not compare to some of the commercial trimmer lines on this list, it still ranks among the sturdiest out there.

When you have this unit, you can be sure of cutting up to three times more area compared to an economy line. However, that will also depend on the type of trimmer you are using and the cutting conditions.

The weed eater string has five refills, which will serve you for long enough without the need for replacing. You get a cutting tool with this line. We have to mention that this trimmer line is snow-friendly.

So yes, you can still cut the weeds and grass after or during winter. In other words, the line doesn’t just slide through the wet grass/weed.

Fixing this weed eater string is a walk in the park, and you won’t have a difficult time at all. The user instructions are straightforward to follow too.

Key Features :

  • High-Quality material
  • 100-ft long
  • 095-inch diameter
  • Snow-Friendly
  • Comes in 5 refills
  • Durable than most economy lines
  • Easy to use


9. 5-Pound Commercial String Trimmer Line

Professional landscapers would be happy with this list because here is yet another top-quality commercial line that is durable and reliable, as well.

This trimmer line leads all the units on the list in terms of the length. The string measures 1280-ft long, and it is 0.095-inch thick. Besides the length and thickness, this line is made of high-quality nylon 66 copolymer. It is also plasticized for extra strength and impact resistance.

Furthermore, the trimmer line is multi-sided. With this design, the line will easily cut through the thickest weeds and grass. In general, this offers you less cutting time with a special level of efficiency.

This replacement line will work with most gas and electric trimmers, including Black and Decker, Craftsman, Weed Eater, Ryobi, Husqvarna, Stihl, and more. So, there is a high chance that the line will work with your trimmer.

However, it might not fit in some trimmers due to its unique shape. That is why it is recommended to check if the string is compatible with your weed eater.

We loved that the line is robust, efficient, and very much user-friendly. By the way, there is a cutting tool that comes with the line, which gives you an easy time when cutting the needed length. With this cutting tool, you can re-spool the excess string to provide you with the best cutting experience with your weed eater.

Thanks to the square cross-section shape, this unit can comfortably cut through the thickest greenery. You can use this line to cut your sidewalks, driveway, a large yard that requires regular shape-up or for professional landscaping.

Key Features :

  • High-Quality nylon 66 copolymer material
  • 1280-ft long
  • 095-inch thickness
  • Works with most trimmers
  • Multi-Sided, square design for cutting the thickest greenery
  • Comes with a free cutting tool


10. Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line

Everything has a beginning and an end. So, this product marks the end of our top 10 weed eater trimmers out there. But just because it is the last product on the list doesn’t mean that it is the least performer.

On the contrary, this trimmer liner easily qualifies among the best strings for weed eaters. It comes with a 0.095-inch diameter that makes it strong enough to cut through the thickest greenery with ease. When it comes to reliability in terms of the multiple uses, this trimmer line is one of the best.

This trimmer line comes with 42 refills in an 855-ft length. So yes, no more running out of weed eater string when you have this product.

The line is round-shaped and comes with sturdy nylon material. You won’t be disappointed by its sturdiness and delivery. Well, it might not be as strong as other trimmer liners out there, but you can depend on it to keep your yard, sidewalk, and driveway clean.

In other words, this trimmer line is the best pick for homeowners that want to keep their yard clean. However, it might not be the best choice for those that want a trimmer line for commercial use. Either way, this string is strong and reliable enough to be considered one of the best.

Key Features :

  • Sturdy nylon material
  • 095-inch thickness
  • 855-ft length
  • Comes with 42 refills
  • Round-shaped
  • Best for homeowners


Things to Consider before Buying Weed Eater String

So, now you know what string to choose when you are looking for the best weed eater string. But that is just a list based on our experience and final decision. It means that you may also have your own choice and preference.

It is not a must to choose one of the products we listed. However, you need to follow a specific buyer’s guide to help you find the best string for your weed eater.

Here is a look at the things we considered when listing the top 10 strings for string trimmers:


You should know that a trimmer line will come with a specific shape. While this might not seem like a priority, it is one of the top factors you must consider.

Most of the trimmer lines out there come in a round shape. However, this type of line doesn’t have the best cutting ability. Plus, a round-shaped line won’t distribute force accordingly. They also tend to snap too often.

For a reliable line that cuts effectively without multiple changes, opt for a multi-sided line. We will cover more about the shapes of the weed eater strings later in this article.


The durability of a weed eater string is a top factor that you must consider. This is a general for any product you purchase out there. Even when and if you are buying a weed cutter, you will need to consider one that is durable enough.

You don’t want to use a product that will only last for a few weeks or months; then it breaks down. Instead, you need to choose one that lasts for long enough to avoid overspending.

So, when it comes to the durability of the product, you must choose one that is made of high-quality material. The shape of the line is not enough to prove if the trimmer line will serve you effectively or not. Look beyond the shape and consider one that is sturdy and durable enough.

Ideally, avoid going for simple plastic trimmer lines. So, which is the best material for trimmer lines? Well, the sturdiest material, which is generally the best, is copolymer nylon. This material is strong and durable enough. You can be sure of a copolymer nylon trimmer line being able to slice through the toughest greenery.

With the cheap plastic line, they might only slide on the thick greenery, which will be a waste of time. That is why you must ensure that the trimmer line you get is made of high-quality copolymer nylon.

By the way, you can find some lines coming with dual cores; the inner core and outer core/layer. Such lines are usually solid and overly durable.


A lot of the plastic weed eater strings are ruined in hot environments. Here is when they tend to weld. But not all weed eater strings are weld-prone. Some are strong enough to resist welding.

Welding can be frustrating when it happens to your weed eater. When it happens, it can be frustrating and generally difficult to separate the lines from each other. In turn, this will make it challenging to load the weed eater.

To make it worse, the line can weld together inside the string trimmer’s head. This is a common issue on hot days, which can prevent the trimmer from dispensing the string.

For that matter, you will need to ensure that you find a high-quality weed eater string that will last for long and withstand the hot days. This is a must-do for those that live in places that it’s always hot. Here, the best choice should be nylon polymers since they are sturdier and heat-resistant.

Also, star and square-shaped lines tend to perform better in such situations.

Flight Characteristics

When picking a line for your string trimmer, you need to remember that it is flung through the air before it gets it to contact with the grass or weeds. In this case, you must consider the flight characteristics of the line.

That being said, always ensure that you choose a trimmer line with lower air resistance tends to be the better option. This is because they will make your string trimmer work less hard hence preventing the wear of the machine. Square lines are less aerodynamic, while round and oval lines are more aerodynamic.

Furthermore, consider the level in which the string sits while you cut the weed and grass. Suppose the string is uneven; it might not cut the grass and weed effectively.

Weed Trimmer Line Shape Types

When it comes to the shape of the trimmer line, you should know that there are multiple shapes out there. We have mentioned a few of them, but it would be better if you knew how they work and which shape of the trimmer line is suitable for you. Here are the typical forms of weed trimmer lines:


Round trimmer lines are usually basic and considered all-purpose strings. Most of the weed eaters designed for home use come with a round trimmer line. One benefit of the round lines is that it cuts decently, and it isn’t prone to breaking off too quickly.

So, if you want to cut the household weeds and grass, a round-shaped trimmer line shouldn’t be a bad pick.

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Besides the round trimmer lines, you can find those that are multi-sided. Most of the multi-sided lines come with five sides or more. They are also called star-shaped trimmer lines, and they are best suited for medium to heavy-duty jobs. With the multi-sided weed eater strings, they deliver a cleaner cut on the thick greenery.

Nevertheless, multi-sided lines tend to be extra fragile. They can break off when they get in contact with a hard surface. Also, these lines are mostly used in commercial/professional landscaping.

Twisted/X Lines

You can also find twisted lines, which happen to be strong and perfect for heavy applications. However, they also come with a high price tag, which you should be prepared for that.

Besides offering a sturdy and robust cutting opportunity, these lines minimize the vibrations as they rotate. These lines are also suited for commercial and professional landscaping.


If you are looking for a string that can handle medium and heavy-duty applications, a square-shaped string line would be an ideal pick for you. Square-shaped lines can easily cut through thick greenery compared to round lines.

However, they are prone to breaking off if they get in contact with hard surfaces like wooden fences, trees, or shrubs.

Jagged/Serrated Lines

The last type of trimmer line shape is the jagged or serrated line. These types of lines are serrated like a saw. Out of all the weed eater shapes, the serrated-type has the best cutting power. It cuts quicker than any other line out there.

Plus, it will snag on the thick greenery to make it easy to cut them down. Nevertheless, the serrated trimmer lines tend to require more energy because they ‘hold’ on to the thick weed and grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which color of weed eater string should I go for?

Usually, the color of the weed eater string you choose is never a point of concern. This is because the color doesn’t have any effect on the cutting ability of the trimmer line. It is all about choosing the one that you prefer.

Which shape should I get for my weed eater?

When it comes to the shape of the weed eater line, you should go for one that meets the condition of your yard or your cutting needs. Since you understand all the available shapes of trimmer lines available out there, always go for the one that can cut the thick grass and weeds efficiently. Don’t forget that each shape of the trimmer line comes with its disadvantages.

How often do I have to replace the weed eater string?

This will depend on the type of trimmer line you choose. However, the best way to determine if it is time to change the line is to check if it is worn out and if it cuts the grass and weed efficiently. Suppose the weed eater string isn’t delivering the needed work on your yard, then it should be time to replace it.

Which is the best weed eater line brand?

Ideally, you don’t have to focus on the brand of the product. Rather, it is all about the delivery of that product. Either way, consider going for trimmer lines from top brands like Black and Decker, Stihl, Craftsman, Weed Eater, Ryobi, Husqvarna, and more.

How can you prevent replacing the line too often?

There is no specific trick to this. However, you can avoid frequent replacement of the line by purchasing a durable and robust weed eater string.

Final Words

There goes the best weed eater string review. Have you decided which string you will purchase? We hope that you now have enough information to guide you in finding the best weed eater string out there.

Remember always to choose wisely and go for a strong string that will last for a long while, cutting the thickest greenery with ease.