Best Tools for Cutting Metal

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Cutting metal is always tough, no matter what tool you use! You might get the right blade for cutting an object or sheet made of metal but choosing the ideal tool is always complicated. 

What are the best tools for cutting metal in the market? Should you settle for a hand-tool or a power tool? What tools require which type of blade? 

Yes, we know, there are a lot of questions! And today, we will solve all of them! Let us learn about some ideal tools that can slice through the metal like a pro! 

Top 6 Tools for Cutting Metal 

You can cut metal with tin snips, bench shear, and nibbler, oscillating saw, band saw, and a lot more devices too. But there are other best tools for cutting metal too! We will discuss the bests among all of them! 

  1. Hacksaw 

Yes, yes, if you do not want to invest too much in power tools, the best option is to settle for a hacksaw. For most of the basic metal trimming and cutting work, a hacksaw can be incredibly beneficial. This can, sometimes, cut tough metals too! 

If you are a newbie, you are going to love the hacksaw. If you cut metal with the help of a hacksaw, you usually do not require any sort of expertise. When learning techniques is tough, dealing with a hacksaw is easy! 

However, when you deal with the tougher jobs, make sure you add some extra grease to make the cutting work easier for you! There is an interchangeable blade added with such saws. And so, you can easily get the blade that you need for cutting a specific metal and add it with the hacksaw! 

But always remember that hacksaw will afford you messy cuts and the eventual results will be rougher than the power tools. And so, after the cutting process is done, you must sand the edges to make them smooth. 

  1. Utility Knife 

The handiest way to cut metal is to get your hands on a utility knife. The entire light metal cutting job can be done easily with this knife. If you whip out your utility knife and cut the metal, you can easily break the stock off. 

And here, you won’t need any saw or snip. However, you must use a guide and the line should be straight too. The whole method is mainly used for cutting or dividing metal. For all the customized cuts, this method is quite popular. 

Especially, aluminum siding panels that are thin in size can be cut with this instead of any power tool. When you plan to trim up any metal studs, you can also use a utility knife. We know this method seems quite easy but you need practice for this. 

There are specific risks that you need to think about before you use the knife. As you are using the device on metal, there are chances that your knife will slip. And eventually, you will end up hurting yourself. 

If you plan to settle for this method, cautions are required beforehand. Wear gloves and work in an area where there is no crowd. A workbench is a must to ensure safety. 

  1. Angle Grinder 

When you think that you have no time for the hand tools and you must get something that exercises power, you can try to pick up the power tools. Among the power tools, an angle grinder is one of the most popular devices for cutting metal. 

No matter if you are a professional metal worker or just a DIY-lover, one of the best choices you get for cutting metal among the power tools available is this angle grinder. 

The best part of this tool is it provides power to cut metal faster and along with that, this is highly portable to carry! No matter where you go, you can take this device inside your bag and cut metal wherever you want! 

It is designed to cut thin stocks. But at times, it can cut the thicker stocks too. Especially, it is capable of cutting bolts. However, when you plan to add it to your bucket list, certify that you are ready to face kickbacks. 

This is a common scenario. If you want to reduce the kickback, you can get a side support unit to clamp the metal down. The even and perfect cuts an angle grinder will provide you have no competition.

Another amazing fact is you can add most of the blade types with this appliance. It gets easier to cut so many other materials with this too! 

  1. Miter Saw 

As we are talking about cutting metal, we cannot avoid a miter saw. This works more like a circular saw. But the outstanding factor here is you can cut objects at an angle! Yes, as there is an arm-based mounting system, with the help of this, you can provide an angled cut to your workpiece. 

Along with this, you will never need to carry the heavy load of the saw while cutting! According to the unit’s capability, you can easily cut the metal. However, you will need to settle for a specific blade type if you want to cut non-ferrous metal. 

When you use it, keep in mind that it will afford strong power and so, if the workpiece is too thin, it can bend it. There will be a lot of dirt around you when you use it; wear a mask!

  1. Reciprocating Saw 

We never can avoid reciprocating saw when you have to cut metal. The tool is very versatile to use and one of the best tools for DIY-lovers. As there are a lot of metal types, you might not know when you need to cut which metal. 

And a reciprocating saw is capable of cutting different types of metal stock. For thin metals tock to old nails, you can almost cut everything with this one. 

As you are going to cut metal, you must add a carbide-tipped blade to this saw. But after cutting, you will surely see that the cuts are not perfect and more on the rougher sides. 

This will never afford you precision. So, you must sand the edges so that the edges get smooth if you require accuracy and precision while trimming metal. 

  1. Circular Saw

Most of the experts now suggest using a circular saw for cutting metal objects. Yes, it is more popular for cutting wood pieces but you can also use it for metal sheets. You can slice or divide the metal with this one. 

All you need is a disc blade that fits the saw and you are ready to start the cutting process. This saw is designed for cutting metal with abrasiveness. However, it will cut the metal without a lot of resistance.

It is better that you add a carbide-tipped blade with a circular saw. When it comes to cutting rebar, the best thing you can choose is a circular saw. 

However, some specific circular saws are only capable of cutting metal in a short time. Also, you need a metal cutting blade for this. 

Wrap Up 

There are other tools for cutting metal objects and sheets in the market. But not all of them are equally qualified for cutting metal with perfection. Here, we have only mentioned the best ones that are strong and require less time to cut metal! 

All of them are worth your investment. But, according to us, we recommend you to get an angle grinder if you want a power tool and a hacksaw if you want a hand tool. These are a must in your tool-bag!