Best table saw blade for ripping hardwood – Review and Buying Guide

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Ripping table saw blades are designed for cutting wood along the grain. The teeth on these table saw blades have a set of beveled edges that cut through the wood like butter, and they can also rip boards in half with little to no effort.

Hardwood is always a complicated application to deal with. So, if you don’t choose the right table saw blades for ripping hardwood, you might waste your money and end up exhausted and frustrated. 

So, what to do? Firstly, you should look for the best table saw combination blades and crosscut blades that are specially designed for ripping hardwood and wood fibers to make your job easier, rather than putting all effort into cutting through hardwood. 

Remember, you can’t win a war without having the right weapons of war, no matter how experienced you are. Your experience may give you some extra benefits, but you will need the right weapon to win the battle. 

The table below ranks our best five table saw blades based on their ability to rip hardwood and other factors such as price and availability.

5 Best table saw blade for ripping hardwood

Freud-10-Inchi-BladeFreud 10″ x 24T Heavy-Duty Rip BladeCheck Price
DEWALT-10-Inch-Miter-or-Table-Saw-BladeDEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw Blade
Check Price
Oshlun-SBW-100024-10-Inch-BladeOshlun 10-Inch Ripping Saw BladeCheck Price
BOSCH-DCB1024-10-InchiBOSCH Table and Saw Blade For Fast RippingCheck Price
Metabo-HPT-115435M-BladeMetabo HPT 115435M VPR BladeCheck Price

1. Freud 10″ x 24T Heavy-Duty Rip Blade

Freud 10" x 24T Heavy-Duty Rip Blade

Key Features 

  • Anti-Shaking Design
  • High-Density Carbide
  • Perma-Shield Coating
  • Well Balanced

Freud America, Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of special carbide cutting tools for the woodworking industry has been an industry leader for more than 50 years. Freud is one of the few woodworking tool makers in the world to make its own Micro-Grain Carbide with Titanium, also known as Tito, a high-density mix of Titanium and Cobalt.

Freud has the unique ability to design each tool for each specific application by creating its own carbide, thereby increasing the tool’s cutting life and performance while decreasing the cost of the tool. Freud offers a wide variety of high-quality woodworking tools, including saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters, power tools, and other power tools.

The Freud 10″ x 24T Heavy-Duty Rip Blade offers clean, rapid rips in all hardwoods. A strong blade body combined with razor-sharp flat top carbide teeth will result in a “glue line” precision cut. 

These blades are finely balanced and suitable for gang rip operations. The recommended thickness range for working is 3/4″ to 2-3/4″.

Anti-vibration grooves laser-cut into the blade effectively eliminate the vibrations common to ordinary table saw blades and dramatically reduce sideways movement in the cut, thereby extending the life of the blade while maintaining a crisp, clean, splinter-free faultless finish.

This blade is made with a premium Tico HI-Density Carbide Ripping Blend for superior performance. The extra-large, flat tooth shape of the blade results in a flawless finish that eliminates the need for sanding or jointing after the cutting process. And its Perma Shield Non-Stick Coating lowers blade drag while also providing corrosion protection. It is one of the best hardwood cutting blade in the marketplace.


  • Brand: Freud 
  • Item Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Kerf: 0.126 Inch
  • Hook Angle: 20 Degree 
  • Cutting Diameter: 10 Inches
  • Teeth: 24T
  • Arbor: 5/8 inches
  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Multi 
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Application: Hardwood


  • Its professional-grade design offers accurate cuts on the hardwood.
  • Its high-density carbide provides maximum cutting performance and durability.
  • This blade comes with anti-vibration slots that reduce noise, chatter for a cleaner finish and give a longer life while working.
  • This blade is very stable, flat, and offers an accurate cut even after prolonged use.


  • This blade seems a bit pricey but compared to the quality, it’s ok.
  • This blade is not intended for use in the cutting of plastic.

2. DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw Blade

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw Blade

Key Features 

  • Premium Micro-Grain Carbide
  • Precision Balanced
  • Laser-Cut Body
  • Exclusive Dampening Slot
  • Tough Coat Finish

DeWalt industrial gear is an excellent source of parts and accessories for DeWalt heavy-duty tools as well. For example, DeWalt launched different types of table saw blades for other purposes. You can use this blade in a table saw as well as in a miter saw. 

The DeWalt 10-Inches (DW7124PT) is specially designed for ripping hardwood. You can use this blade for cutting different types of hardwood applications if necessary.

This blade has precision ground tips that are perfectly aligned on the arbor spindle. It means they’re held together and precision balanced when you put them in your table saw. It also means that when you cut through a piece of wood, there’s no vibration. It also stays true the whole time, cutting through that piece of hardwood without any problems whatsoever.

Precision cuts are essential when you’re dealing with hardwoods. This blade doesn’t tear the wood apart but instead cuts it cleanly. Heat is another critical issue when you’re cutting hardwoods. This blade comes with an exclusive dampening slot that reduces vibration and provides smooth and accurate cuts on the hardwood. 

This specially designed table saw blade has Premium Micro-Grain carbide tips and harsh coat finishes that keep the edge cool, reduce friction, gum, and reduce splinters while cutting through hardwoods without a problem. In addition, hardwood can generate much heat, which makes this blade ideal for ripping oak. Finally, this blade comes with 30 days money-back guarantee, that awesome. 


  • Brand: DeWalt 
  • Item Weight: 1.84 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.9 x 0.2 x 11.3 inches
  • Cutting Diameter: 10 Inches
  • Teeth: 24T
  • Arbor: 5/8 inches
  • Material: Carbide 
  • Warranty: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • Application: Hardwood


  • Its exclusive dampening slot reduces noise levels by up to 50 percent.
  • Its laser-cut body provides accurate cuts and extends its life.
  • The precision balance feature reduces vibration and offers precise cuts on the hardwood.
  • Premium micro-grain carbide offers a reliable amount.
  • This blade is very cost-effective.


  • This blade is not good enough to deal with MDF
  • The heat issue is a common problem of this blade though it comes with a tough coat finish.

3. Oshlun 10-Inch Ripping Saw Blade

Oshlun 10-Inch Ripping Saw Blade

Key Features 

  • Professional Grade Carbide 
  • Anti-Kickback Design 
  • Aggressive Hook Angle
  • Copper Plugged Expansion Slots

The Oshlun SBW-100024 10-Inch ripping saw blade is one of the best table saw blades for ripping oak. This ripping blade is durable and provides a clean cut when you need to rip wood. In addition, this blade can increase the efficiency of your table saw by decreasing the amount of time it takes to pull wood. 

This table saw blade with Copper Plugs has a unique expansion slot design that makes them the most noise-free and efficient blades on the market. These slots are designed to easily remove dust, debris, reduce noise and other material buildups.

It is one of the high qualities, durable and long-lasting table saw blades in the marketplace. The blade is made from a tensioned and hardened steel plate that provides excellent cutting performance. In addition, the tooth design is anti-kickback which helps you avoid accidents while working with the blade. 

This blade will help you complete your projects promptly and efficiently as well. It has been consistently proven to be an efficient tool for woodworkers of all skill levels. In addition, it is one of the best ripping blade even we tested in our workshop. 

The blade’s aggressive hook angle and large gullets make it the perfect choice for fast cuts on hardwoods. Its thin kerf increases the blade’s durability and reduces friction. In addition, the edge has 24 teeth per inch to provide smooth cutting action and a clean finish that reduces sanding time.

These Professional-Grade carbide table saw blades are designed for professional contractors. This blade comes with a 5/8″ arbor, 24 teeth, and 10-Inches diameter, which is compatible with most major brands of table saws. 

The high-quality professional-grade carbide teeth provide long-lasting durability and performance. The blade also features a special coating to extend its life even further, making it ideal for professionals who want to get their job done quickly and efficiently.


  • Brand: Oshlun 
  • Item Weight: 8 Ounces 
  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 10.6 x 0.6 inches
  • Cutting Diameter: 10 Inches
  • Teeth: 24T
  • Arbor: 5/8 inches
  • Material: Carbide 
  • Application: Hardwood


  • You can rip all types of wood with this blade, such as hardwood, softwood, and plywood. 
  • You can use this blade in various saws like table saws and radial arm saws. 
  • Its copper-plugged expansion slots reduce noise. 
  • Gullets and aggressive hook angles offer a faster ripping process. 
  • Anti-kickback tooth design keeps away from accidents. 


  • This blade doesn’t have good experience dealing with plastic. 
  • It creates a bit of heat during ripping hardwood. 

4. BOSCH Table and Saw Blade For Fast Ripping

BOSCH Table and Saw Blade For Fast Ripping

Key Features 

  • Extra Hard Steel Plate 
  • C4 Micrograin Carbide 
  • Triple-Sharp Design 
  • Speed Coat Finish 

The Bosch DCB1024 is a fast-ripping table saw blade that allows you to rip through your hardwood material easily. This blade is not only perfect for pulling but also for crosscutting and alternative top bevel cutting. 

It comes with 24 teeth designed to cut quickly and keep the blade sharper for a long time. In addition, the 5/8 Inches arbor size will fit most table saws and miter saws so that you can use this blade for multiple purposes. 

Its optimized tooth geometry fast ripping with minimal splintering or tearing of the wood fibers. In addition, the blade is made from high-quality steel, which will last for years without breaking or wearing down too much. 

It’s ideal for cutting all types of hardwood, softwood, and plywood. In addition, this blade has a Speed Coat finish, which means it will cause less friction and pitch buildup, allowing for rapid, smooth cutting in treated or wet lumber.

The blade has triple sharp C4 Micrograin carbide teeth that provide fast ripping through wood, making it ideal for sheet goods, plywoods, hardwood flooring, and other materials. 

In addition, the high-performance steel construction provides extra durability to the blade when cutting against the grain of softwoods or particleboard.


  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Item Weight: 1.2 Pounds  
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 14 x 0.31 inches
  • Cutting Diameter: 10 Inches
  • Teeth: 24T
  • Arbor: 5/8 inches
  • Color: Blue 
  • Material: Carbide 
  • Application: Hardwood


  • This blade is not only good for ripping hardwood but also plywood and other building materials. 
  • Its Speed coat finish provides fast and effortless cuts. 
  • C4 micro-grain carbide teeth provide smooth cuts and give longer life to the blade. 
  • You can use this blade for multiple purposes. 


  • This blade didn’t come with many features like other ripping hardwood blades. 
  • This blade has heating issues. 

5. Metabo HPT 115435M Fine Finish VPR Blade

Metabo HPT 115435M Fine Finish VPR Blade

Key Features 

  • Tungsten Carbide 
  • Diamond Arbor
  • Tri-Metal Shock Resilient Brazing 
  • Laser-Cut Extension Slots
  • Electrophoresis Coating

The Metabo HPT 115435M is a fine finish VPR blade that is specially designed for ripping oak. The blade features a 5/8 in. diameter diamond arbor and 60 teeth that cut fast, clean, and smooth without chipping or splintering wood fibers. In addition, it cuts faster than standard saw blades, reducing material waste and improving productivity on any job site.

This blade is mainly used for high-quality finish cuts on hardwood, softwood, and MDF. The edge features a thin kerf design for minimal material removal, which means less time spent on the job site. This Metabo fine finish VPR blade is ideal for use with all portable saws that accept 60 tooth blades, including table saws, circular saws, miter saws, and jigsaws.

This fine finish blade is designed with tungsten carbide technology, which means it will stay sharper longer than traditional blades and give you the best cut possible on your project. It also features an ergonomic handle and precision tension balancing that provides balance, comfort, and a safety shield that protects against accidental contact with the blade during use.

Metabo’s HPT 115435M high-performance thin kerf blade is an excellent choice for various wood applications. This blade is made with tri-metal shock-resistant brazing to ensure long-lasting durability and maximum blade life. 

Each blade is designed with a precision ground tooth geometry that offers superior cut quality and lower vibration levels than other brands. The extra back solid teeth provide added strength for plunge cuts as well.

This table saw blade provides smooth cutting and long blade life with its sizeable micro-grain carbide teeth that are hard enough to cut through rigid materials.

You can use this blade for trimming carpeting or vinyl flooring. This innovative blade features laser-cut expansion slots that prevent the edge from overheating, reduce noise and vibration during prolonged use. In addition, Its electrophoresis coating for rust protection and durability. Finally, its unique construction of the teeth allows them to flex as they come.


  • Brand: Metabo HPT
  • Item Weight: 1.63 Pounds  
  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 0.33 x 12.8 inches
  • Cutting Diameter: 10 Inches
  • Teeth: 60T
  • Arbor: 5/8 inches
  • Kerf: 0.094 Inch
  • Max RPM: 5800
  • Style: Metabo HPT 115435M
  • Material: Tungsten 
  • Application: Hardwood


  • It offers high-quality finish cuts. 
  • This blade is suitable for tables and miter saw. 
  • Its anti-vibration slot helps for smooth cuts. 
  • It is rust tolerant.  


  • This blade is not intended for use in the cutting of hardwoods. 

Buying Guide: Best Table Saw Blade For Ripping Hardwood

There are many types of table saw blades on the market, and each one serves a specific purpose. For example- a general-purpose rip (or “rip cut”) blade works well for most outdoor projects without any issues. However, you can also get specialized ones if your preference is to cut certain materials like plastic or wood when working with power tools. 

The best way to make sure you get a good blade for your saw is by choosing wisely. Quality matters when it comes down to which one, and they can wear out faster if not cared for properly. It could mean spending more in the long run on the table saw blades or having trouble with precision cuts because of an uneven surface like wood decking boards where we need them perfectly smooth. 

Tooth Count 

Some people believe that the greater the number of teeth on a table saw blades are better. That is not always true, though, because each configuration serves a different purpose and may be best for specific tasks or projects in your woodworking life.

If you’re looking into general use of saws with 24 to 60 tooth counts, consider crosscut blades that provide smoother cuts when cutting across pieces instead of rip widths only from end-to-end like most saw types do.

A blade with more teeth can cut through wood quicker but may also tear it upon contact. Carbide tips provide the best of both worlds: they’re sharper than standard metal ones. In addition, they will last longer in use without needing frequent re-sharpening or replacement parts because of their superior material composition – making them cost-effective over time. 

Teeth Configuration Types 

The teeth configuration of a table saw blades can influence how it cuts through wood. There are many different types, like the following:


The ATB configuration of teeth on a beveled saw blade creates an excellent surface for cutting veneered plywood and natural wood. In addition, this type of tooth’s alternating left/right-hand pattern can cut through any material more quickly and without compromising offer accuracy or precision.


Hi-ATB types of teeth configuration have similarities with ATB types. Although the Hi-ATB type of teeth configuration is not recommended for cutting melamine, it is recommended for cutting melamine-based materials. This high bevel angle combined with straight cuts makes it easier and faster than other ATB types of blades.


The flat-top (FT) teeth configuration is an excellent choice for cutting through wood more efficiently. Designed with both rakers and cutters, this type of blade can rip or crosscut as needed.


The combination (Comb) configuration is an example of a rational tooth. We use this type for ripping and crosscutting. It features one FT (for the first group) and four ATB teeth that cut well in different directions to tackle various tasks with ease. A deep gullet separates each blade, so there’s no risk of them getting stuck when you need your tool sharpened quickly.


Triple chip grind is a blade configuration that is ideal for cutting challenging and complex plastic products, mdf, and particle board. The design features high ‘trapeze’ teeth to cut through the material quickly. 

While maintaining good chips retention between passes on more compliant layers like veneer or paper-based products with less absorption capacity.


A blade’s “kerf” refers to the width of its cut. In most cases, we use thin kerf blades for easier woodworking and heavy projects. A thicker edge is better for precise cuts and more accurate woodcarving. 

However, it takes a much more potent motor, so if you want to use this type of tool regularly, go with the full kerf blade instead of thin kerf ones since they take less power than their counterparts do.

Teeth Gullet 

The gullet is the space between each tooth that separates them. It’s there for one purpose, to remove the material as you cut with your saw blade, whether it’s small chips or large pieces.

Shallow gullets are helpful if you want an easy time while making shallow cuts in wood. But deep gullets are better at eliminating extra shavings from ripping blades when using them on larger projects, like window installations or flooring installations.

Hook angle

A hook’s angle can have a substantialimpact on the result of your cuts. A low-angle, slower feed rate drill bit might be better for finishing off woodworking projects. If you need an aggressive but faster-drilling speed should enable you to make clean holes in metal or drywall with ease.


Many people often overlook blade coating, but it does have an essential purpose. Blade coatings can help avoid corrosion and other problems that may come with blades over time. Some types are better than others. But, again, it depends on what you plan to do with your saw.

 If you make up small pieces, then a non-sticky oil might be best. There’s no risk in getting anything stickied onto its surface or inside where they will not remove easily at all through washing out anyway.

How many types of table Saw blades are for ripping hardwood? 

Crosscut blade

Crosscut blades are designed to cut across the grain. They will usually include 60-80 teeth with an ATB configuration. As a result, they are thinner than other types of blades.  

Crosscut blade reduces friction when cutting through material quickly on a table saw. You’ll also notice that crosscuts have fewer Teeth per inch (TPI). Therefore, it is efficient for these tools to utilize less power depending on how deep your cuts get concerning kerf depth, depending upon what type you purchase.

Ripping Blade 

When you’re putting on a table saw, the blade will go against the grain. That means 24 teeth with an FT configuration and deeper gullets for ripping blades, which are thicker than most crosscutting counterparts.

Combination Blade

Combination blades are the same as general-purpose blades because we use them for many purposes. They typically have a tooth count between 30-50 teeth and vary depending on the brand of cutter you use them within your table saw or jointer. 

The gullets (teeth) may differ from one combination blade to another, while kerfs remain constant across all models within this category. The Combination Blades have been around since before electricity was invented. 

It’s not only helpful but necessary when building things by hand without power tools due to its versatile nature. It does everything from ripping 2x4s into Boards measuring 16″ x 4.”

Dado Blade 

Dado blades help to join boards together and create a wider dado than general-purpose saw blades. This type of blade can cut through material more quickly, making it perfect to use on your table saw when needing this function. In addition, Dados make simple grooves in different sizes, which allow you to join two pieces by sliding them next to one another.

Final Word 

I hope that the suggestions above demonstrate that you do not need to spend a lot of money to improve the performance of your saw. 

Even with moderately priced table saw blades, it will be an upgrade over what came stock on hand-me-down machines, and higher-end blades will provide much cleaner cuts while also extending the appliance’s helpful life even more. 

However, suppose one is serious about getting great results. In that case, they should invest in dedicated ripping or crosscut blade that provide greater precision when cutting different materials.

It depends on whether the goal is construction site work, which may use only one type of wood OR design projects.