Best Table Saw Blade For Laminating Flooring – Review 2021

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Choosing table saw blades can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are just trying to figure out what table saw blade would best suit your needs. One major thing that sets table saws apart from all other table saws is the table itself. Some table saws have tracks on which they glide back and forth while others are stationary. The table itself may also differ in size depending on the type of work.

It’s critical to pick a table saw blade with thin kerf if you want a clean-cut without having to replace it frequently. Table saw blades with carbide tips, and titanium or diamond-tipped tips are the best for cutting laminate flooring. These blades are more easily able to cut through rigid materials than steel blades. Next, we’ll look at some items that match your requirements in this section.

There is no perfect option because each type has its benefits depending on what you want to get out of your project. Choose between forged metal teeth and chrome cobalt alloy alternatives if durability is the essential factor to you. They are often less expensive, but they have a shorter lifespan than other options in some situations.

Choosing a table saw blade for cutting laminate flooring is not an easy task. To complete this task efficiently and adequately, you will require some of the best table saw blades available.

In comparison, many different blade types are available in the marketplaces to deal with laminate flooring, but they are not as perfect as you think. So, to do your job easier, we have listed the five best table saw blades for cutting laminate flooring.

5 Best Table Saw Blade For Laminating Flooring

DEWALT-DWA3193PCDDEWALT DWA3193PCD Laminating Flooring Saw BladeCheck Price
Freud-D1296LFreud D1296L Laminate Flooring Table Saw Blade Check Price
Makita-A-93681Makita A-93681 Micro Polished Saw Blade Check Price
Concord-BladesConcord WCB0538T040HP TCT General Purpose Blade Check Price
Amana-Tool-MA10080Amana Tool MA10080 Carbide Tipped Saw BladeCheck Price

1. DEWALT DWA3193PCD Fiber Cement/Laminate Saw Blade

DEWALT DWA3193PCD Fiber Cement/Laminate Saw Blade

The DeWalt DWA3193PCD table saw blade is an absolute must-have for those who need to make clean cuts in the cutting laminate flooring board. But, of course, even you also can use this blade with woodworking. I also recommend using it on any type or size project that requires precision cutting.

The company behind this excellent tool produces tools and outdoor equipment–both professional grade handpieces designed by experts alongside durable accessories perfect for your laminate floors.

The table saw blade is a favorite among woodworkers for its perfect shape and quality. With diamonds on the teeth, it leaves nearly flawless cuts with no risk of tear-out or chipping. In addition, the blade’s thin design produces clean lines in any project you work on, even if your workspace has little room.

The noise isn’t too disruptive either, so long as you get used to hearing it while working; an arbor smaller than usual combined with a 7 ¼ inch diameter and 5/8-inch arbor makes this tool worth considering.

The combination of a lightweight and durable design makes this an excellent blade for cutting up rugs. In addition, it can cut through different materials, even those with thick surfaces, to defend against overheating from the heat generated by your saw.

The combination of a lightweight and durable design makes this blade perfect for cutting up rugs. In addition, it can cut through different materials, even those with thick surfaces, to defend against overheating from the heat generated by your saw.


  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Material: Diamond
  • Weight: 4.2 Ounces
  • Teeth: 4


  • The design of the blade is what makes it so extraordinary.
  • It comes with a polycrystalline diamond cover that can cut thick materials without difficulty.
  • This blade is very affordable for those on tight budgets.
  • Its weight is only 4.2 ounces, so you can easily carry it.
  • It is one of the best durable table saw blade because of its diamond-tipped teeth. 


  • This blade doesn’t have an anti-corrosive feature.
  • It is not the right blade for cutting retaining wall blocks

2. Freud D1296L Laminate Flooring Table Saw Blade 

Freud D1296L Laminate Flooring Table Saw Blade

The Freud D1296L Diablo is a super sharp and durable 12-inch diameter blade. It’s perfect for cutting through laminate flooring or melamine, as well as other hard surfaces.

In addition, the top carbide material makes sure that your blade will last longer than any other type of blade. Although this blade can cut efficiently enough during initial use, it will improve once you sharpen it.

The Freud Diablo D1296L’s triple chip feature lets it cut even double-sided laminates without damaging the material or creating extra cracks on the ground.

The anti-vibration lots feature of this blade ensures that you don’t have any issues when making your cuts. In addition, its perma shield coating helps avoid overheating and corrosion on this tool, which is common in other products.

Furthermore, the blade contains laser-cut technology, which allows professionals who know what they’re doing to produce high-quality work in a short amount of time with minimal effort.

The thin and durable kerf of this table saw blade works to make your cuts cleaner, without the need for pressing too hard. In addition, the Freud guarantee means that we’ll replace any damaged parts free of charge if they’re anything less than lifetime warranted.

It’s compatible with sliding 12″ miter saws or even portable table saws – meaning you won’t get tired as quickly when using one all day long, especially important while working on projects.


  • Brand: Diablo
  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 2.3 Pounds
  • Teeth: 96


  • The table saw blade is made of high-quality material.
  • It also has heat expansion slots feature to prevent overheating.
  • Its perma-shield coating protects this blade from early corrosion.
  • You can use this blade with miter saws as well.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • It produces excellent smooth cuts but quickly dulls Pergo.

3. Makita A-93681 Micro Polished Saw Blade 

Makita A-93681 Micro Polished Saw Blade

There is no pressure if you’re using a blade to cut through flooring materials such as laminate on your job site. The Makita A-93681 saw blade would resist bending or warping even after extensive use. That means less downtime for construction teams because their projects don’t get delayed by crooked cuts.

Its 10-inch diameter design and 0.091 inches thick hardened steel disk features an incredibly thin kerf that helps this blade cut everything from hardwood flooring down.

This saw blade features 80 carbide-tipped teeth with a minor 5-degree slant to prevent chipping and extend the blade’s life. Additionally, it features five laser-cut thermal expansion slots. As a result, if your saw overheats, it may become incorrect as a result of warping.

This blade is ideal for cutting laminates, softwoods, and hardwoods with minimal effort. In addition, it has a high overheating threshold, which allows it to do professional-grade batch tasks without becoming overheated or worn out.

Makita A-93681 has compatibility with a wide range of materials means that you can achieve smooth finishes no matter what type of material you’re working with.

You can get beveled cuts along with miter angles, deep straight cuts across pieces as large as 4×8 feet wide up front-facing surfaces, or flush vertical edges at 90 degrees angle cut with this blade easily.

This blade is equipped with a 3/4-inch arbor, which is ideal. If you don’t have too many small spaces to work around or want something more significant, the blade is suitable for cutting laminate flooring.


  • Brand: Makita
  • Material: Carbide
  • Weight: 1.7 Pounds
  • Teeth: 80


  • Its micro-grain carbide tips construct a sleek and sophisticated edge.
  • Its incredibly thin kerf of 0.091 helps to cut laminate flooring quickly.
  • Its 5 degrees hook angle offers perfect crosscuts.
  • You can use this blade in a variety of applications like hardwood, softwood, and plywood.


  • This blade is not suitable for Acrylic and Lexan materials.
  • This table saw blade seems a bit pricey compared to its quality.

4. Concord WCB0538T040HP TCT General Purpose Blade 

Concord WCB0538T040HP TCT General Purpose Blade

The Concord WCB0538T040HP 5-3/8 inch 40 Teeth TCT General Purpose Blade is designed to cut through various materials such as laminate flooring, hardwood, and all engineered types of wood. Its tethered carbide teeth are resistant to heat and abrasion damage, making it ideal for cutting through rigid materials.

This type of saw has a thinner profile than others, which gives different results depending on what you’re trying to accomplish: if precision is essential, get wider (and heavier) blades. If the power output is not crucial, get thinner (and lighter) edges; if both precision and smoothness are essential, get thinner (and lighter) blades.

This table saw blade is smaller than most blades, making it ideal for precise cuts in various materials. In addition, you will be able to regulate your job better and avoid any accidents due to the lack of resistance because you will not be carrying all of that extra weight on your back while working on laminate flooring projects.

It contains 40 tooth count, which is less than half of what most conventional 10-inch blade or circular saw blade would typically include in their sets, but this is appropriate given that we’re only working with 538″. In addition, when using more comprehensive tools, such as other blades, the 20mm arbor allows for greater control to be achieved.


  • Brand: Concord Blades
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 0.35 Pounds
  • Teeth: 40


  • You can use these carbide blades for general purposes as well.  
  • Its thin kerf allows a smooth finish with minimal material waste.
  • Its 15-degree hook angle makes perfect crosscuts.
  • Its revolutionary ATB grind provides you with greater control over your cuts.


  • This table saw blade doesn’t have too many features.
  • It seems a bit pricey compared to its quality.

5. Amana Tool MA10080 Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

Amana Tool MA10080 Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

The Amana Tool MA10080 is a Carbide-Tipped saw blade that is available in several sizes. A variety of saws, including radial arm saws, table saws, and miter saws, are compatible with this special blade.

For contractors, this saw blade is used to make cutting the toughest woods a little bit easier. In addition, we use this blade to cut laminate flooring by even the most inexperienced of professionals.

Always use caution when working near an edge because the blades are incredibly sharp and can easily cut deep into your hands without you noticing. Because of this, developers put precautions in place, such as warning labels on each item.

This blade is made of carbide; it can cut through plastics and other complex materials without breaking or creating a loud sound. It also guards against rust and makes cutting easier than ordinary saw teeth because contacts between metal surfaces cause no additional friction.

In addition to allowing for more precise cutting, the narrow kerf design helps to reduce vibration, resulting in cleaner results that also demand less effort.

Furthermore, these blades are suitable for use in professional wood workshops. They are ideal for a wide range of large and small projects and are particularly well suited if your project requires precision and durability, as this one does.

Amana Tool is an industry leader in carbide-tipped cutting tools for professionals who thrive on quality, consistency, and performance. They have been specializing since 1978 – that’s 40 years of excellence. 

Amana’s most of the saw blades are made from high-grade steel with a heat treatment process unique to Amana, which produces lasting sharpness while retaining integrity, so they include their performance over time. So, undoubtedly you can buy their saw blades for our laminate flooring.


  • Brand: Amana Tool  
  • Material: Carbide  
  • Weight: 0.82 Grams
  • Teeth: 6


  • Compatible with a wide range of saws, this is a versatile blade.
  • You can use this blade with a variety of wood applications.
  • This blade has been protected from corrosion by the high-quality coating material.
  • This table saw blade comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It is a pretty heavy saw blade, weighing 0.82 grams.
  • This table saw blade seems pricey compared to its durability.

How to cut laminate flooring with a table saw? 

A table saw can be used to sand down rough edges in laminate flooring, but you must do so with care. You should always cut along the grain of your material when possible and never against it. 

The best way is by using a crosscut-type blade on one side if there are no other tools available. It will give cleaner cuts than trying again after planishing out any splinters from happening because their exit point is sticking into wood away from view. 

A good option for working safely around table saws would involve wearing protective gear like safety glasses or hearing protection while operating machinery outside since dust exposure is near these devices. 

A carbide-tipped blade is a great way to cut through hard materials such as wood without dulling the saw. 

Follow these simple steps: 

First, you need an unplugged table saw not destroyed by electrical current while cutting away at its metal teeth inside. 

Then, using special tools provided in most cases, remove all of the old blades from your machine and replace them with new ones. These tools come with table saws in kits, or you have to buy them separately. 

Don’t forget about protecting hands against accidental contact injuries, either. Place the plank against your saw so that it will pass through where you want to trim. Align this face-up when cutting with a miter gauge or rip fence. 

Otherwise, kickback may happen. Don’t forget to wear hearing protection and safety glasses before turning on the saw blade. Don’t let your guard down when making boards because it can hurt, so be safe. 

Make sure you run any plank through with an even steady stroke to reduce splintering. It will help ensure that no one gets injured while doing their job.

FAQs: Best Table Saw Blade For Laminate Flooring

Is it necessary to use a particular blade for cutting laminate?

We use different blades like circular saw blades, table saw blades, and chop saw blades to get straight cuts. Blades with 40 to 100 teeth or more have the optimum performance when cutting laminate because they decrease chipping while producing neat lines on the wood surface.

When using a table saw blade, you should always face your board when its edge contacts any other item. This is because it creates dust that can be hazardous in some circumstances, such as those with asthma-related conditions not appropriately handled.

What is the best laminate flooring table saw blade? 

A thin kerf blade with 40 to 100 teeth with carbide tips blades is the best for cutting laminate flooring. It will allow you to do 1000 sqft before needing an edge re-sharpening, saving time compared to other blades types.

Because of their small weight, rip saws or saws without specific laminate capabilities, such as plywood. Plywood demands far greater speeds than average unit measurements suggest would be suitable for use on them. However, these slower tools can easily ruin wood floors, so only use them when essential to avoid causing damage.

Can I cut laminate flooring with a knife? 

Cutting laminate flooring with a Stanley knife can be risky since the blade can become entangled in the board’s surface you are working on. 

To operate safely on these types of laminate floors, you’ll need to use table saw blades or circular saw blades, which are designed to keep you safe while making exact modifications in challenging patterns.

What is the best way to cut laminate without chipping it?

With a thin kerf and a large number of teeth, you can cut laminate without worrying about chipping. Please ensure no gaps between components when they are reassembled after being sliced apart with a saw by laying masking tape or painter’s tape along your cutline before you begin cutting.

Final Word

We hope our best table saw blade for laminating flooring review article will help you decide which table saw blade is perfect for your job. We have listed all the best table saw blades based on users’ ratings and field tests. We found all of the edges are awesome for laminate flooring. However, as table saws create too much dust, we suggest you wear masks and safety gear.