Best Stain Remover For Baby Poop in 2020 – Quick Buying Guide

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Most parents don’t use diapers for their babies all the time, as it’s not healthy and doctors suggest not doing so. As a result, every day or every other day, you have to clean baby poop from his/her garments and other fabrics. Like other stains, removing poop is quite difficult, and requires much effort while washing.

You can get the best stain remover for baby poop to be able to clean the stain from fabrics very easily. Apart from that, the stain remover can also effectively remove other types of tough to clean stains.

If you are interested in buying one, be sure to check out the top 5 picks.

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Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover
Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover

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OxiClean Max Force Gel Stain Remover Stick
OxiClean Max Force Gel Stain Remover Stick

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Best Stain Remover For Baby Poop
Ecover Stain Remover

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Dreft Stain Remover, 22 Ounce
Dreft Stain Remover, 22 Ounce

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Best Stain Remover For Baby Poop
Babyganics Stain & Odor Remover Spray

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Best Stain Remover For Baby Poop Reviews

You no longer need to research for hours to find the right stain remover. I already did that and came up with these most effective cleaners out there.

1. Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover

To be able to effectively remove stains, you don’t need a chemical remover. This stain remover from Puracy is formulated by natural ingredients, which are also gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.

Baby poop and urine will no longer be an issue for you once you have this cleaner. In addition to that, oil, sweat, berries, tomato sauce, etc. countless numbers of hard to remove stains will be gone without much effort.

If you have a pet, this will be a very useful product to have in case of pet accidents that pretty much happens every now and then.

Apart from regular clothes, you will find this cleaner very effective at cleaning from cloth diapers, carpets, floors, mats, car seats, and many washable fabrics.

The formula is safe for the kids. It will not make darker clothes look fade whatsoever. Unlike chemically formulated stain cleaners, it will not cause any damage to the septic system at all.

Compared to its competitors, the cleaners work more effectively. That means you will not have to struggle much while removing stain marks. So, when any type of stain falls on fabrics, don’t panic, Puracy has got you covered.

Key Features :

  • Removes hard to clean stains easily
  • Effective at different types of washable fabrics
  • Made of natural ingredients, gluten-free, biodegradable
  • Color safe
  • Gentle on the septic system


2. OxiClean Max Force Gel Stain Remover Stick

This ultra-concentrated gel formula works decently at removing stains of different types such as poop, food, oil, grass, blood, etc. There is a special stain-grabbing nub that goes deep into the fibers to combat stains, resulting in cleaner fabrics as if there were no stains before.

The formula easily dissolves into the fabrics and breaks apart the toughest stains. From now on, you don’t need to spend extra time giving the effort to clean stain messes, OxiClean will handle this for your convenience.

Unlike conventional stain removers, it doesn’t handle one or a couple of stains. It will provide effective cleaning results against 5 types of stains. Stubborn dried-in stains will no longer be an issue to get off the clothes.

All you will need is to place the gel stick onto the area you want to treat. Press down to allow the gel to dispense and rub it onto the fabric. Now, allow it to stand there for about 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the stain type. If you decide not to wash that day, you can delay washing for 7 days.

Put the fabric into the washing machine along with your regular detergent and warm water. It will work like magic.

Key Features :

  • Highly concentrated gel
  • 5-in-1 powerful stain fighter
  • Effective at cleaning dried-in stains
  • Can clean stains from fabrics after 7 days of applying the gel


3. Ecover Stain Remover

When it comes to tackling grease, mud, grass, and similar tougher stains, most stain removers don’t seem to provide excepted results. If you have previously used any product and didn’t manage to remove the stains, you can try this one from Ecover.

Even though it’s formulated by renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients, the liquid is very harsh on the stains and gentle on fabrics. You can use it on various types of fabrics without any issue. The bottle has a built-in brush that allows you to lift stains away with less effort.

All you need is to apply it to the stains, allow to sit and penetrate the liquid into fibers for about 5 minutes. Then, brush in the usual way. Cleaning stains was never so easier. This powerful formula can effortlessly tackle baby poop and urine. Also, you will find it works well on other stains as well.

Unlike most powerful stain removers, Ecover is quite friendly on the environment. Along with its biodegradable ingredients, the bottle is made of recycled plant plastic. The formula was never tested on animals as well.

Key Features :

  • Effective at removing grease, mud, and grass stains
  • Comes with a built-in brush
  • Made of plant-based biodegradable ingredients
  • Gentle on environment and fabrics


4. Dreft Stain Remover, 22 Ounce

This stain remover on the list is specially formulated to tackle stains on babies’ clothes, bedding, blankets, and other fabrics. Not all the stain removers are baby-friendly, as they can cause irritation issues on the sensitive baby skin. No other cleaners understand the baby’s skin like this one.

The liquid remains very gentle and soft on baby clothes. Still, it’s powerful enough to remove tough stains such as poop, urine, diarrhea, foods, milk spit-up, and others. Dreft is much safer on colorfast fabrics than conventional stain removers. You will find the remover to work effectively regardless of the temperatures.

What’s more impressive about this stain remover is that it doesn’t cause any harm to the flame-resistant sleepwear and garments. This is something you don’t see in other products, as they reduce the flame resistance. So, not only this product tackles the toughest baby stain, but also it takes care of the baby as well.

Due to its strong cleaning properties and being nice and gentle to baby skin and clothes, it’s the best stain remover for baby poop on the list.

Key Features :

  • Handles toughest baby stains
  • Removes stain odors
  • Doesn’t damage flame-resistance protective layer on baby garments
  • Colorfast fabric safe


5. Babyganics Stain & Odor Remover Spray, Fragrance Free

Last but not least, this is another plant-based stain remover on the list. This one from Babyganics is quite effective at handling most baby-related stains and other messes. Stains and messes cannot interrupt your baby to explore pretty much everything he/she observes when you have this one.

Poop or urine stains on cloth diapers is not an issue for Babyganics stain remover spray. You no longer need to worry about the messy outfits of your little explorer, let the adventure continue. This cleaning solution got your back when it comes to clean stains from garments, bedding, blankets, and other fabrics as well.

You can conveniently spray the liquid on the stained area of the fabric, and give it 5 minutes to penetrate into the fibers. After that, wash the clothes in the washing machine using your regular detergent. The fabrics will have no stain marks nor odor whatsoever.

The formula is gentle on baby skin as well as on the clothes. No chemical was used to formulate the liquid. Also, it’s fume-free; thus it will not make allergies worse in your little one.

Key Features :

  • Baby-friendly formula
  • Treats toughest baby stains
  • Convenient spray solution
  • Takes 5 minute to handle stains


How to Remove Baby Poop Stains from Clothes?

Even if the baby wears a diaper or cloth diaper pretty much all the time, every now and then, you come up with a situation where the poop makes its way up the baby’s back, and the baby needs a bath instead of just changing the diaper. Whether it’s new or old stubborn poop stains, there are a few ways to clean from the clothes.

Step 1

Take some baby wipes, and clean off poop as much as possible from the garment.

Step 2

Now, rinse the cloth off with the remaining messes using warm water. You can soak or submerge for a few minutes in warm water. Don’t rub now; let the water do the cleaning as much as it can.

Step 3

In this step, you have quite a few options to go with;

  • Use lemon juice on the stain or you can make a mixture of lemon juice and water, maintaining a 1:3 ratio. Take a spray bottle and directly spray it on the stained area.
  • Baking soda, dawn dish soap, hydrogen peroxide can also help to remove the stain. Make a mixture of these ingredients following a 1:1:2 ratio, and apply the solution on the stain.
  • Commercial stain removers are the easiest option to handle the toughest stains. Spray or apply the liquid onto the stained area. Allow it to dry for 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the brand. Then, wash the cloth using detergent in the washing machine.

Things to Consider Before Buying Stain Remover for Baby Poop

Before you rush to buy a stain remover, be sure to check these things to make the purchase worth it.

Stain Type

Commercial stain removers can handle a variety of stains. However, having a multi-stain removing formula can perform poorly if you are only concerned about one or two types of stains. For best results, find a product that is specially formulated to remove stains that you find difficult to remove.

Most products in the market can handle baby poop, urine, etc. quite well. As your baby also makes messes with foods, spillage, spit, mud, grass, be sure to check if the stain remover is also effective at cleaning these stains as well.

Chemical or Plant-Based Formula

There are both chemical and biodegradable plant-based stain removers available to buy. Chemically formulated ones are for stubborn stains such as oil, grease, mud, etc. Note that, it can cause skin irritation issues if a person wears or makes contact with the treated clothes.

Plant-based formulas are more environmentally-friendly but less effective than chemical ones. However, for baby poop, urine, diarrhea, grass, food, etc. day to day stains, a plant-based stain remover will be more than enough.

Eliminate Odors

Stains come with odors in most cases. And when the stain gets old, the odor becomes very stinky. Therefore, make sure you pick a stain remover that can also eliminate odors from the fabrics as well. It will make the clothes smell refreshing.

Effect on Skins and Clothes

If you are to primarily use it for baby sleepwear and garments, make sure the formula possesses no harm to the baby-soft skin. I have listed quite a few stain removers that cause no harm to the sensitive baby skin at all.

Also, the formula needs to be color safe and gentle on the fabrics. You don’t want to ruin the color and fabric quality using such a formula for sure. also, you can see fabric softener for babies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does baking soda remove poop stains?

Baking soda can remove poop stains if it’s used along with a solution of 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and 8 ounces of cold water. Sprinkle baking soda on the stained area and spray the solution to remove the stain. Repeat the process if the stain persists.

Should you dry baby clothes?

Just like your clothes, your baby’s clothes need to be dried as well. Lacy dresses and sweaters are better lay flat to dry. Tumble the rest of the other clothes normally.

What temperature should I wash baby clothes?

Baby clothes should be washed at 30 to 40 degrees celsius to prevent shrinkage. Be sure to check out the washing instructions on the label of the garments. Some fabric materials such as wool or more delicate materials aren’t suitable for machine washing.

Should baby clothes be washed separately?

If you use a mild soap, there is no need to wash baby clothes separately from the rest of the family. Be sure to clean the baby clothes as soon as possible as dirt and stains can set and become difficult to remove with time.

Do poop stains come out in the wash?

Initial wash with cloth water can prevent stain to set on the fabric. Consider removing as much as poop, and clean immediately. Rinse or soak in cold water. If still, the stain remains, machine washing can do the rest of the cleaning.

Final Words

Once you get the best stain remover for baby poop, you will no longer need to put extra effort to scrub to clean it. Let the little one play with foods, muds, grass, and other stains to achieve milestones, and never worry about cleaning the messes whatsoever.