Shovels! Know How They Dig Up Roots

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If you have a garden set up in your backyard, it gives a nice look adjoining your house. Plus, if you have a hobby of gardening, then I’d say you are living your dream. To make your dream come true, you will need to have some best shovels for digging up roots in your garden.

When the new season comes up, you want to add some more plants to your garden. What’s stopping you? I’m sure there are some old roots that you can’t get rid of.

You need a strong digging tool to make your work easy. There are many reasons, not to mention features that a shovel is a perfect piece of equipment for this task.

We are here to guide you through choosing the best shovel for digging uproot. Recently. I planted some new seeds in my garden and my children can’t wait for the new roses to bloom.

Not making this intro anymore monotonous, make sure to follow the rest of this article to see the top-notch shovels available in the market.

We have ranked them according to the public ratings.

Top 5 reviews of best root digging tools

It took hours of continuous web search, going through every customer’s comment, and many more factors to decide the best shovels. We finally narrowed it down to five models which are excellent in digging out roots.

Spear-Head-Spade-Gardening-ShovelSpear Head Spade Model SHFD3 ShovelCheck Price
Bond-LH015-Mini-D-Handle-ShovelBond LH015 Mini D Handle ShovelCheck Price
Radius-Garden-22311-Root-Slayer-NomadRadius Garden 22311 Root Slayer Nomad, Root Slayer NomadCheck Price
ROOT-ASSASSIN-RA-001-Carbon-Steel-ShovelROOT ASSASSIN RA-001 Carbon Steel ShovelCheck Price
Bully-Tools-82510-14-Gauge-Round-Point-ShovelBully Tools 82510 14-Gauge Round Point ShovelCheck Price

1. Spear Head Spade Model SHFD3 Shovel


  • The body is originated from fiberglass and the manganese steel
  • Its dimension is given by 40.98 x 9.02 x 3.5 inches
  • 40-inch model available in yellow color
  • The blade is sharpened from top to bottom at a 35-degree angle to increase durability and to give a more precise edge
  • The handle comes with a larger D-shaped cushion which makes the digging even easier compared with the other shovels

This spearhead spade has been declared the ‘Best of the Best by Best Reviews. It can shove through the least resistant path without letting the user face any kind of difficulties.

The shovel’s blade is painted with epoxy resin to further increase its durability and make sure it is easy to clean. It has a support space for the user to step foot on the shovel which exerts a more additional force.

SHFD3 works best for moving short-lived plants known as perennial. Soil conditions in which it faces no resistance are such as rocky, dense, and also muddy.

Spear Head Spade has been appreciated by every user until now. It is a relief model for your grandpa and grandma who will not be needing that much muscle respiration while doing garden works.


  • The model is weather-resistant, insulated, and requires low maintenance cost.
  • Lightweight property increases the ease of digging to almost 80%
  • The D-shaped cushion grip has a UV inhibitor which prevents the fading of the color in rough weather
  • Easy to carry at the workplaces
  • Great deal for a user who is aged above average (40 years)


  • The small surface area that collects less soil

2. Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel


  • The handle is a combination of fiberglass and alloy steel to give the durability a fine touch
  • The steel property of the shovel gives it a higher melting which eventually results in withstanding extreme temperature and hence long-lasting
  • Dimension given by 26.38 x 5.71 x 2.56 inches
  • Attractive red color model weighing 1.8 pounds

Other than gardening, if you have any chance to build a sandcastle on a beach or setting up a camp. Then Bond LH015 is the perfect shovel for you. Its design procedure is so fluent that it is very easy to lift.

The edges are smoothly sharped to shove through the concentrated clouds of dust. The handle is D-shaped and with increased friction, it gives the user quite pleasant while using.

It has a shiny silvery look which is powder-coated so as not to get rusty after some days of performing heavy digging activities.

As usual, its foot’s support at the bottom exerts an external force with your foot which helps the digging go much faster.


  • Lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere you want and go for smooth digging
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty
  • The large surface area of the blade makes the size of the dig bigger


  • The shovel has a total height of 26.5 inches, so that means it might be too short for some people

3. Radius Garden 22311 Root Slayer Nomad, Root Slayer Nomad


  • The whole thing is coated with a layer of carbon steel shaft that can withstand any environmental changes and also gives strength and durability.
  • It has a blade size of 9×7.5 inch which gives the handle a length of 31 inches
  • Root Slayer 22311 shows a dimension of 39 x 2.75 x 7.5 inches
  • The model is manufactured from steel and weighs 2.7 pounds
  • Some of the best use of the Root Slayer may include planting dandelions, baby’s-breath and also to spot the ash trees which did not provide seeds

If you are looking for a serrated digging shovel, then Root Slayer 22311 will be the perfect choice for you. The tip of the blade is shaped like an inverted V which helps to apply more force during the cut and hence increasing the efficiency.

It is almost 70% of the size of the original version of the Root Slayer. The handle has a wonderful combination of red and black color which gives it a great outlook.

The total length of the shovel is about 40 inches. So, we can say that it will be adjustable to almost all the users in case of their heights.

The best thing about this product is that the manufacturer assures you of a lifetime guarantee. Radius Green will not only provide you with the best of the best product but will also keep you at ease with reliability.


  • Lightweight shovel and also pretty easy to carry
  • Inverted V-shaped blade and also the side edges are serrated
  • The model has the most durable and resistant to any environmental issues


  • The round-shaped handle makes the grip quite hard to implement

4. ROOT ASSASSIN RA-001 Carbon Steel Shovel


  • Materials used for the model is the coated carbon steel, Metal, and rubber for the handle
  • Muscular D-shaped handle that is strapped with rubber will give you a firm grip this making your digging more comfortable
  • The tip of the blade is curved which saves a lot of your time while planting new seeds in your garden. Not to mention, its long bone-like structure will go through any strong roots.
  • Weighing only 2 pounds, its dimension is 48 x 6 x 2 inches.

We are here talking about the best shovel for digging up root and it would be a crime not to mention this assassin. This model has a huge length of 48 inches so the customers will not be suffering from any kind of back pain after their gardening work

The root assassin shovel, modeled as RA-001, provides you with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Yes! You heard me right!

Root Assassin Company is so confident about their productions that they guarantee you will not be needing any replacements.

Like Radius Garden, this model also has a comparatively long blade with sidewise serrated. You will not feel any obstacles under the ground while shoveling using RA-001.


  • Portable root cutting shovel because of being very light
  • Serrated sidewise blade makes the digging more efficient
  • Lifetime guarantee offered by the manufacturer.


  • The small surface area of the whole blade will require too much of your digging time

5. Bully Tools 82510 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel


  • Just like all the other shovels, this one has also got a D-shaped handle. But with polypropene and polymer structure, it increases the grip probability and the durability even more
  • Dimension is stated as 44x9x4.12 inches
  • A catchy purple color with a weight-bearing 4.5 pounds this model is also very easy to carry around in your workplaces, beach, or anywhere you want
  • The blade is measured to be 9.5×12 inches and the handle is about 33 inches. So this gives a firm size of the shovel to be used skillfully.

This product is manufactured in the USA with pride. It works according to its title. Figuratively speaking, this model will bully right through every strong root it finds.

This digging shovel consists of a 14 gauge steel for which is one of the top rating models. The materials have one of the breathtaking combinations-Fiber glass, steel, polypropene hydrocarbon, and last but not least plastic.

The Bully Tools Company offers you a lifetime limited warranty with this product. At any time, in any situation, they are ready to replace or pay you a full refund.

Quoting the words of the manufacturer, “You won’t find a stronger D-grip!”


  • Hard grip handle satisfying the customer
  • Ideal for many industrial uses
  • The combination of all the bulky materials makes it durable and reliable to use


  • It has a sharp tip which is at risk of deforming while applying heavy forces
  • The blade is not serrated

Buying Guide

Now that we have given you the review for the best shovel for digging up the root, you are probably wondering how to go to a store and get your favorite model to get on with your gardening works.

Are the reviews enough? They only let you know which digging shovel is the best, but they do not supply you with the factor that a customer must have to keep in mind.

Cutting through strong roots requires a large amount of elbow work. On the other hand, a heavier shovel will be very hard to control. Some might end up with back pain.

And imagine this, you dream of having the best shovel but can’t afford it because you don’t have that amount of money.

As you can see, there are many factors that you need to go through before buying a shovel. So, we have prepared a buying guide for you to take a look at so that you don’t look foolish standing in front of the storekeeper.

Types of Blade

The best way to dig up roots is to have a sturdy pointy blade. In this way, you can shove through no matter how hard the surface is.

The accurate will be the one coated with 13-15 gauge of steel. The types of digging shovel’s blade are available in the models are as follows:

  • Round pointy blades
  • Serrated blades
  • Inverted V blades

Round blades can be used to shove through really hard surfaces like concentrated clay or rocky soils. However, you will face difficulty while cutting through thick roots with this blade.

A serrated shovel’s blade will give a nice cutting efficiency. You can say a knife is attached to the handle. The actions are quite aggressive while digging.

Best things make their entrance at last. It is quite true.

Now we have an inverted V blade that cuts any type of roots within a short period. If you take a look at the tip, this shape has two while the others had only one.

So, which will eventually be more helpful to you? Do the math!


Another vital part to be concerned about. You don’t want a digging shovel that is almost as long as your height or vice-versa. As also mentioned earlier, if your backbone stays inclined for a long time, you will have severe back pain.

There are many different types of shafts available to form a handle. Three of them are mentioned below:

  • Steel
  • Hardwood
  • Fiberglass

Steel is the perfect role model for the design of a strong shaft. 16 gauge of it is normally used for the production. 

However, it does have a drawback, the material produced will not be very light. After long use, you will certainly feel pain in your joints.

One alternative is hardwood, comparatively lighter than steel but it gradually tends to become weak as the environment moisture changes from time to time.

This material’s worst enemy is fire and water. So I’d suggest not to bring the hardwood in direct contact with these two things.

After all the fuss, fiberglass is the material most manufacturing companies use nowadays. But everything is not fully efficient. They have a slight risk to bend while going for heavy tasks.


They are mainly made from steel, polyethylene hydrocarbon, wood, and mostly fiberglass. One thing that all customers demand is that a handle must have a nice grip.

Just like the previous two factors, they also have some types to help you choose between them.

  • Straight handle
  • O-handle
  • D-handle
  • T-handle

A straight handle is a bit risky as it has a chance of slipping and then you wind up with a blister. If you have a shovel with a straight handle, then make sure to wear gloves to avoid this injury

You can hold O-handles very firmly but it will provide such muscle pain in the upper parts of your hand. Still, the opinion might differ from person to person.

D-handle allows the distribution of the force all over the place because it has a flat surface. 

T-handle also works in the same way. But it does not provide the safety of your hands slipping. So in the end, your hands will easily blister.


As we normally know, the price of a digging shovel increases with increasing demand. Yes! I think you have become familiar with what I am talking about.

Some companies advertise their digging shovel so well that their price increases automatically which might cross your budget.

I am not denying the fact that they provide a top-quality product.

But, if you do a little research, you will find some products with top-notch quality at a reasonable amount of price.

Now no one likes to make a compromise on the money if they are having a ton of it. They go for the product which stole most of the spotlight.

If you have a kin budget, then do intensive research and find the product that suits you better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The shovel shafts are available in every hardware store you can find.
Different shovels have different features which makes them suitable for certain tasks. However, if you want a general answer then I’d say you should look through some common features. The blade should sharp and pointy, an inverted V-shaped will do just fine. Shaft should be resistant and coated with a 12-14 gauge steel Have a look at the weight statistics and comment about the portability of the shovel.
Perennial has an O-shaped handle whereas the Nomad has a T-shaped handle. This is the key difference between these two models.
There are mainly three types of blades. I prefer serrated and inverted V-shaped. From my personal experience, these two had the most impact on thick roots.
There are four types of handles. The answer will depend on your use. From the customer’s point of view, a D-shaped handle is quite satisfying for almost every task.


A shovel has many uses. I use one for removing the soil. We have only shown you the list of best shovels for digging uproot. Apart from this, there are numerous models you can take a look at.

But, I am pretty sure that you will come back to this article that is because the models explained above are the best.

So why your time on such a meaningless web search? Check your pocket for the budget and order a nice-looking shovel already. Kudos!