Top 10 Best Sheath For Leatherman Wave in 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

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Having a multi-tool proves reliable when you want the perfect tool for any project at your workplace, around the house, or while on the go. They can also be an excellent choice tool for survivalists. The Leatherman Wave is one of the best multi-tools out there.

While these tools might be extra reliable, they tend to come in a small size. This means that they can be challenging to carry around. In this case, you need to find a good sheath for your Leatherman Wave.

With a good sheath, you will protect yourself from accidental pricks and scratches. Also, it helps to keep the multi-tool safely, hence enhancing its condition.

In this article, we will be discussing the top Leatherman Wave sheaths out there. So, which is the best sheath for Leatherman Wave?

Read on to find out.

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Leather Multi Tool Case
Leather Multi Tool Case

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Premium Nylon Snap Sheath Fits Multitools
Premium Nylon Snap Sheath

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Premium Leather Sheath with Pockets
Premium Leather Sheath

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Heritage Leather Snap Sheath for Multitools
Heritage Sheath for Multitools

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Premium Nylon Snap Sheath
Premium Nylon Snap Sheath

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Our 10 Best Sheath For Leatherman Wave

The best Leatherman Wave sheath is that which can easily accommodate it perfectly. It should neither be too big nor too small. We took time to review and test some of the top sheaths, and here is a breakdown of our list:

1. Leather Multi Tool Case for Leatherman WAVE, WAVE+

We change our shift slightly and introduce you to a high-quality sheath from a different brand, which is also very much reputable.

This American Bench Craft sheath is designed for the Leatherman multitools, including Wave, Wave+, Charge TTI, and Charge. It may not be suitable for other multi-tools out there.

The sheath is made of vegetable-tanned leather that is very strong and durable. What makes it unique and worth choosing is that it is handcrafted. This means that the sheath has been perfectly designed to serve you accordingly.

Another plus feature is that the sheath doesn’t come with thread stitching that might come off over time. Instead, the sheath comes in a one-piece design to make it more durable. With this sheath, you can be sure of a thick unit that will last for a very long time.

In terms of its portability, the sheath comes with a carry system that lets you carry it on your belt.

Key Features :

  • It is made with vegetable-tanned leather
  • One-Piece design enhances durability
  • All-Natural material makes it eco-friendly
  • Thick design is strong and extra durable
  • No thread stitching that might tear off over time

2. Premium Nylon Snap Sheath Fits 4″ Multitools

If you have a 4-inch Leatherman Wave multi-tool, this would be the perfect sheath to get.

The sheath is made of high-quality ballasting nylon that is very much durable. You can be sure of keeping your multi-tool safe and secure in a strong sheath. The ballistic nylon is not only durable but also water-friendly. Even when it drops in water, it will remain strong enough. This also means that the sheath is washable.

Furthermore, it comes with reinforced stitching that keeps it even stronger. There’s also a high-grade metal rivet snap that helps to keep the sheath closed as you carry the multi-tool inside. Since it is a medium size, it means that it will perfectly fit your Wave or Skeletool.

You can carry this sheath along with you in any way you find suitable. First off, it comes with a carry system that lets you wear it on your belt. This way, you can easily access your Wave when you need it.

Key Features :

  • High-Quality ballistic nylon
  • The material is water-friendly
  • It is washable
  • Comes with a carrying system to wear on the belt
  • Reinforced stitching keeps it strong

3. Premium Leather Sheath with Pockets

If you are not a fan of nylon sheaths, here is a premium leather option for you. Just by the look of this sheath, you can tell that it is a top-quality unit that can serve you for a long time.

The leather material is high-quality and very much durable. It can serve you for the longest time possible without wearing out. Unfortunately, this one is not exactly water-friendly. It might start to wear out if you soak it in water for a long time. But if you need to clean it, you can use the usual tips for cleaning your leather items.

Suppose you love extra room and pockets to store other useful tools, you will love having this tool. It comes with three elastic pockets, along with the roomy main storage compartment. This means that you can carry something else in the extra pockets other than your Leatherman multi-tool.

And yes, this one is also highly portable which allows you to move with it anywhere you want. There is a carry system that lets you wear it on your belt.

Key Features :

  • Made with high-quality leather
  • Comes with three elastic pockets for extra storage
  • Carry system for wearing it on your belt
  • Strong stitching enhances its quality
  • Metal rivet snap keeps it tightly closed

4. Heritage Leather Snap Sheath for Multitools

Here is yet another unit that qualifies as one of the best Leatherman Wave sheaths out there. If you are not into black leather and you want something bright, this wouldn’t be a bad pick for you.

The sheath is made of premium, light-brown leather that looks elegant. The leather is high quality and is sure to last for a long time. Even though the leather is durable, it comes with a light-brown color that makes it susceptible to getting dirty. But with proper leather tips, you will be good to go.

There is reinforced stitching that helps to keep it extra strong. Luckily, the thread stitching is durable, meaning that it will not tear off too easily. But it might wear out over time like any stitching. The medium size makes it perfect for your Leatherman Wave.

You will get a carry system at the back, which you can hook it up on your belt. However, some belts might not fit through the loop.

Key Features :

  • Premium leather material
  • The light-brown color looks elegant
  • Reinforced stitching enhances the sturdiness
  • Easy to wear on your belt
  • Custom snap keeps the sheath closed

5. Nylon Snap Sheath with Pockets Fits 4.5″

For those that have a 4.5-inch Leatherman multi-tool, here is a sheath that would go well with it. Like the previous product on the list, this one is also made of high-quality ballistic nylon.

This material is durable and won’t be ruined by water. In other words, you can easily toss it in the washing machine or use a soft brush to wash it. Either way, you will still have a durable sheath even after washing it.

In addition to the strong ballistic nylon, this sheath features reinforced stitching that will ensure that it remains strong even when you carry your multi-tool inside. There are no chances of the sheath tearing apart because the stitching keeps it well-contained.

Are you out on in the wild or on elsewhere outdoors, and you want to carry your multi-tool with you? No problem at all, wear the sheath on your belt and you will be good to go. The carry system makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

Key Features :

  • Made of high-quality ballistic nylon
  • It is washable
  • Features reinforced stitching to keep it stronger
  • Easy to carry around with the carry system
  • There are elastic side pockets for extra carrying space

6. Ballistic Nylon Multi-Tool Black Sheath

Here is yet another great sheath to get for your Leatherman Wave. The sheath is strong to serve you for a long time without wearing out.

It is made of ballistic nylon that is strong enough to keep your multi-tool safely inside. We loved the sheath because it is lightweight, but also durable enough.

The ballistic nylon is water-friendly, meaning that you can toss it in the washing machine without worrying about the material getting ruined. You can also use a soft-bristle brush to wash it.

This sheath comes with a logo in gray. While that might not seem like a point of focus, you will find it helpful. The gray logo doesn’t get dirty too quickly.

Furthermore, the sheath comes with a secure Velcro closure that holds on tightly and quickly to keep it closed. While it might seem strong, it will lose its strength over time. Any belt can get through the hoop behind the sheath, which makes it universal.

Unfortunately, the hoop is too long that might not make it firm enough when you wear it on the belt.

Key Features :

  • Light and durable design
  • Strong Velcro closure
  • Ballistic nylon makes it washable
  • Any belt can fit through the hook and loop

7. Premium Leather Box Sheath

When it comes to sturdiness and premium design, this sheath is made to serve you for a very long time. It is designed to withstand multiple uses as well as the outdoor environment.

The first look for this sheath tells you just how sturdy it is. It is made of premium leather that won’t wear too quickly. Also, the black color makes it dirt-resistant. You won’t have to worry about cleaning it. But observing some leather care tips is advised.

We loved the unique design of this sheath. It comes with one side that is a single-piece design, which the other side comes with an elastic piece to make it expand for extra room when needed. This means that you can also hook up a pen on the elastic side.

The belt loop on the back comes with strong pin reinforcement that only makes it stronger. It will fit firmly on your belt without feeling loose.

Key Features :

  • It is made of premium leather
  • Thick design for extra durability
  • Black color conceals dirt
  • Strong belt loop makes it fit tightly
  • Metal rivet holds firmly to keep it closed

8. Sheath Black Leather Box for Leatherman

Up next on the list comes this leather sheath from Leatherman. We didn’t just choose the sheath because it’s from Leatherman, but also because it is genuinely a good sheath to get for your multi-tool.

This one is made of high-quality leather that is capable of withstanding the harsh conditions outdoors. So yes, even with multiple uses, this little fella will remain strong. Like any other leather item, you should avoid exposing this sheath to water. It might start to wear out if you live it in water or use too much water on it.

The snap closure holds on tightly to keep it securely closed. In other words, your multi-tool will not feel loose or drop out of the sheath. Another fantastic feature that made us go for this unit is a pocket clip. The combination of all these features makes it a decent sheath to have.

You will also have an easy time when carrying this sheath. There is a belt hoop that lets you wear it on the belt with ease.

Key Features :

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Black color conceals dirt
  • Features a snap closure to keep it securely closed
  • Pocket clip included
  • One-Piece design

9. Nylon Snap Sheath with Pockets

Some people prefer getting a sheath that has extra pockets for storing other accessories that go along with a multi-tool.

This one is made with high-quality ballistic nylon that is super strong to last for long and withstand the outdoor environment. As usual, nylon material goes well with water – so you can easily toss this sheath in the washing machine or use a brush to clean it. It might be premium-quality, but you need a soft bristle brush.

Like most Leatherman nylon sheaths, this one also comes with reinforced stitching to keep it stable. Some extra pockets will offer more storage when you need to carry other accessories like marker style pen, small flashlight, or a pen.

It has been designed to carry your 4-inch multi-tool securely. The design looks simple, but this sheath is super-strong. There is a metal rivet snap that holds firmly to keep the sheath well closed. You won’t have to worry about it opening accidentally because it remains in place all along.

Key Features :

  • Lightweight and strong design
  • Premium ballistic nylon
  • It is washable
  • Comes with extra stretchable side pockets
  • Metal rivet snap closes tightly

10. MOLLE Compatible X-Large Nylon Sheath

We wrap up our list with this product that is perfect for anyone looking for a sheath that can comfortably house a large multi-tool.

This is the most different sheath on our list that comes with a unique design. It looks very different from all the sheaths on our list. But it is also made of high-quality nylon that will last for a long time without wearing out too quickly.

We loved how strong the Velcro closure is. This means that you will only need to flap down the opening, and it will hold firmly to the sheath. However, you can press it down to keep it tightly closed. However, any Velcro will lose its strength over time, especially if you will be cleaning it in a washing machine.

There’s a carry system onboard that comes with multiple straps to keep it firmly only. By the way, this sheath is MOLLE compatible to let to carry it around with ease.

Key Features :

  • Classy design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Three elastic pockets included
  • Features a snap webbing strap on the back
  • The internal storage can hold extra bits

Things to Consider before Buying Sheath For Leatherman Wave

Finding the best sheath for the Leatherman Wave is all about considering every useful feature of the sheath. That being said, here are top features to consider when buying a sheath for Leatherman Wave:


Leather is the most common material for sheaths. However, a buyer should consider both nylon and leather options, as they provide similar benefits to an individual with varying needs in different situations.

Nylon offers durability while still being affordable. However, it will not withstand significantly much wear before its susceptibility begins showing through on the surface. So, you may want something more durable like genuine leather if this doesn’t bother your style too much or allow flexibility where necessary (such as outer pockets).

If money isn’t an issue, but quality takes priority over everything else, investing in high-quality premium lining would be best suited. Because these products are made of rigid materials.

The Size

Another feature anyone must consider is the size of the sheath. Even if it is made of the best material, but it doesn’t come in the right size, it might not serve you accordingly.

For that, most Leatherman Wave will go well with a medium-size sheath. Nevertheless, ensure that you choose the right size that will accommodate your multi-tool.

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When selecting the size, make sure you test if the sheath fits your multi-tool perfectly before you buy it. The multi-tool shouldn’t dance around the sheath; neither should it be too big for the sheath.

Carry System

In most cases, most sheaths will come with a belt loop for carrying it on you wherever you go. The loop should come in the ride size to allow you to slide your belt through it, and it should stay firmly on the belt.

Besides, ensure that you consider the closure option, either the metal snap or Velcro closure. Don’t forget to consider additional features like reinforced stitching or extra pockets. It is all about getting a durable and robust sheath that serves you accordingly.


Investing in the best leatherman wave sheath is critical, as it may make or break your tool. Additionally, it is vital to determine what you require and how much money you wish to spend, and other criteria such as stitching to ensure that we obtain durable items with a long life span.

Spending a significant amount of money on a leatherman wave sheath that falls short of your expectations is a complete loss. However, it’s also critical to find out which leatherman wave sheath fits your budget. While still meeting all of your needs if we’re attempting to save money in comparison and have a restricted budget available.

How to Use Sheath for Leatherman Wave?

Using the sheath is very simple. All of them come with the same mechanism, which makes it easy to use whichever sheath you find out there. You can always follow the user manual that comes with the sheath. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help you when using a Leatherman Wave sheath:

  • Unwrap the sheath from the packaging
  • Test if the multi-tool fits inside the sheath when you close it
  • Wear your belt and slide in the sheath either on your left or right side
  • Include any other accessories on the extra pockets if need be

Make sure you place the sheath on your preferred side. If you are left-handed, place it on the left side. And if you are right-handed, wear it on the right side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best sheath for Leatherman Wave?

A good sheath is that which accommodates your Wave perfectly without being too small or too big. It should also come with the ideal features to serve you well.

Which is the best material, leather, or nylon?

Both materials are good enough, but they also have their drawbacks. Nylon is lightweight and easily washable, while leather is heavier and doesn’t work well with water. Between the two, nylon tends to wear out too quickly.

Where should you carry the sheath?

You can carry the sheath anywhere, including in your pocket or the glove compartment. But the best and more secure place to carry it is on your belt, as long as it comes with the right loop.

Must I carry the Wave only in the sheath?

No, there is no specific restriction. You can carry any multi-tool in the sheath beside the Leatherman Wave. What matters is that the multi-tool fits perfectly inside the sheath.

How do I clean my Leatherman Wave sheath?

If you have a nylon sheath, you can clean it in the washing machine or use a soft-bristle brush with water and mild soap. For a leather sheath, you can use a blend of warm water with dish soap. You can then use a soft piece of cloth to rub gently on the leather surface. Do not soak the leather sheath in water.

Final Words

We are now confident you can easily find the best sheath for Leatherman Wave with the information we have given you. Always choose wisely and ensure that you take good care of your sheath. Don’t forget to go for a sheath that will be the right size for your multi-tool.