Top 10 Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics – Review and Buying Guide

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As a mechanic, you know that your hands are the most valuable assets on your body. Everything you fix in the car is made possible by your hands.

Plus, a true skillful mechanic will never change oil, fix the engine, or anything under the car hood with gloves on the hands. They do it with their bare hands.

It can be satisfying to have the car fixed after working on it for a very long time. But then again, you are left with dirty hands with grease and grime.

In this case, you need a good hand cleaner that can get rid of that stubborn grime and grease. Hence, we will be reviewing the best hand cleaner for mechanics that you should consider getting for yourself.

Read on for more insight.

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NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner
ORANGE Industrial Hand Cleaner

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Dirt Infused & Industrial Soap
Dirt Infused & Industrial Soap

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Original Tough Nut Hand Cleaner
Original Tough Nut Hand Cleaner

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Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

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Our 10 Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

Now that you know the benefits of having a mechanic hand cleaner, wouldn’t it be better if you had a suggestion of the best mechanics hand cleaner to consider purchasing? It sure would.

1. Orange Industrial Hand Cleaner

First on our list is this hand cleaner from a reputable brand, GOJO. This would be the best pick for a mechanic that works on a large garage with multiple daily jobs on vehicles. It comes in a 1-gallon bottle to serve you for a long time.

Besides the large size, the cleaner comes in a lotion style to give you an easy time when you want to use it. All you have to do is press down the dispenser/top, and the soap will come out.

So, you can easily place it on a table in the garage for easy accessibility when you need to clean your hands. No need for tilting the bottle when you want to wash your hands.

Furthermore, this hand cleaner comes with a quick-acting formula that gets rid of the grime and grease in the quickest time possible. You won’t even need a brush or scrubber to wash off the grease off your hands.

This is because the cleaner comes with pumice scrubbing parties for cleaning off the dirt, grease, or industrial soils.

Key Features :

  • Comes with a nice orange-citrus scent
  • Has pumice scrubbing particles for easy grease and dirt clean-off
  • Safe and renewable biological ingredients
  • Hand sanitizing and conditioning formula
  • Fast-Acting formula

2. Dirt Infused & Industrial Strength Soap

For those that want a small cleaner that they can comfortably hold whenever they need to wash their hands after working on the car at home, this one would be a great pick for you.

This one comes in an 8-oz tube that makes it one of the smallest on our list. You can easily carry this cleaner in your car’s glove box. Even though it comes in such a small tube, you will only need a little amount of the cleaner when washing your hands.

Amazingly, this cleaner is two times more concentrated than most cleaners out there. But it doesn’t mean that it is concentrated with harsh chemicals. Instead, it means that the cleaner comes with a more advanced formula to get rid of the grease quickly.

It comes with some of the best ingredients such as coconut oil, lime essential oil, kaolin and bentonite, olive oil, as well as pumice. In other words, this cleaner will not only get rid of the grease and grime, but also moisturize your skin, and leave an appealing smell.

Key Features :

  • All-Natural ingredients
  • It cleans and moisturizes the hands
  • Features a nice, lime smell
  • Two times more concentrated than most cleaners
  • Pumice featured for easy scrub off

3. Original Tough Nut Hand Cleaner

If you are not into the big-size hand cleaners with large bottles, here is a good choice for you. This cleaner looks just like a regular hand lotion. It comes in an 18-oz bottle that makes it ideal for use at home after you have fixed your car.

As small as this cleaner might seem, it comes with heavy-duty grease busting emollients as well as walnut shells. Translation? The cleaner will easily clean the grease and grime off your hands quickly.

This cleaner is biodegradable, and the cosmetic-grade walnut shell scrubbers give you an easy time when cleaning off the grease from your hand.

It also means that you won’t need a hand brush or any other scrubber when using this cleaner. You will have an easy time using this cleaner. First off, you can apply it and splash water on your hands later or apply water first, then the cleaner afterward.

Key Features :

  • 18-oz bottle
  • Heavy-Duty grease busting emollients
  • Biodegradable, waterless cleaner
  • Petroleum solvent-free
  • Cosmetic-Grade walnut shell scrubber for removing grease and grime quickly
  • Safe and gentle ingredients on hands (it won’t crack or dry hands)
  • Easy to use formula

4. Grip Clean – Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

If you love the 8-oz Grip Clean Hand Cleaner and you want more of it, you don’t have to purchase several of them. Instead, you can go for this 0.5 Gal bottle that is the bigger version of the previous product.

This one comes with the same ingredients and features as the previous cleaner on our list. Therefore, you will also enjoy a two times better formula when you purchase this product. It also means that you won’t have to use a brush or scrubber to get rid of the grease and grime off your hand when you are using this cleaner.

The hand cleaner doesn’t feature any harsh chemicals, solvent, or detergents that might irritate your skin. Rather, it is made with cosmetic-grade bentonite clay that will exfoliate your skin as it absorbs and removes the grease, grime, oil, or other dirt on your hands.

With the large 0.5 gal bottle, this one offers around 500 washes. So yes, it will serve you for the longest time. For that, this cleaner is the best choice for using in a commercial garage.

Key Features :

  • Two times concentrated formula
  • Offers 500 washes
  • Features all-natural ingredients including olive oil soap and coconut oil
  • Cleans and moisturizes the skin
  • Leaves an appealing lime smell

5. GOJO ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner

If you loved the first product on our list, the 1-gallon Gojo Natural Orange Cleaner, and you wanted to have the same at home, you can go for a lesser option. This is just like the 1-gallon Gojo Hand Cleaner, but smaller.

The cleaner comes in a squeeze bottle of 14-oz, which is easy to carry around with you. You can even keep this one in your vehicle’s glove box to use at home or while on the go if you have an emergency. This is a very reliable cleaner.

Being the same product with similar ingredients and formula as the 1-gallon cleaner, this cleaner assures you of nothing but the best formula for getting rid of the grease and grime on your hands.

It comes with a quick-acting formula with pumice scrubbers. So yes, it removes the grease from your hands without the need for a different scrubber or brush.

We loved the fact that the cleaner doesn’t come with harsh solvents to irritate your skin.

Key Features :

  • 14-oz squeeze bottle
  • Comes with quick-acting formula
  • It features pumice scrubbers for removing grease and grime without a brush
  • All-Natural ingredients that are safe on your hands
  • Easy to carry around

6. Fast Orange Smooth Lotion

Here is yet another product that qualifies as one of the best mechanics hand cleaners. What made us go for this cleaner is the fact that it comes with all-natural ingredients.

For the mechanics that love having fresh-smelling hands after the tedious job under the car hood, this would be your ideal pick. The cleaner comes with natural citrus powder that leaves your hand smelling fresh smelling.

Furthermore, it comes with an advanced formula to get rid of the stubborn grease and grime from your hands. We won’t fail to mention that the cleaner comes with all-natural ingredients like lanolin, aloe, glycerin, as well as other natural ingredients that will condition your skin.

The cleaner doesn’t feature harsh chemicals or ammonia that can cut or irritate your hand.

Besides using the cleaner on your hand, you can use it in other areas around the home. Generally, you can use it to clean laundry stains, pet odor, tiles, or anywhere else. By the way, it comes in a small 15-oz bottle to store in your car’s glove box.

Key Features :

  • 15-oz bottle
  • Come with all-natural ingredients like glycerin, aloe, and lanolin
  • It conditions the skin too
  • The cleanser leaves your hands smelling fresh
  • You can use it anywhere around the house
  • Cleans the toughest dirt while being safe and gentle on your hand

7. Zep Cherry Bomb

Here is another top mechanics hand cleaner. This is a great cleaner to use either at home or the garage..

It is an industrial-grade degreaser that will eliminate even the toughest grease or grime off your hands. If you are worried about having the grease smell on your hand even after you clean it off, this would be your perfect cleaner.

The cleaner comes with a fresh cherry scent that will leave your hand smelling nice and looking clean as well. The ingredients of this cleaner are safe and very much useful.

First off, there is the natural pumice that comes in small particles. These particles will help to scrub off the grease and grime from your hand as you rub them together.

Above all, this cleaner comes with a unique formula that will absorb the dirt and lift it off your hands. Besides the quick grease removing formula and the fresh smell that the cleaner leaves, it also comes with moisturizers. This helps to keep your hands from cracking or drying after cleaning them.

Key Features :

  • 48-oz bottle
  • Industrial-Quality degreaser
  • Fresh cherry scent leaves your hand smelling good
  • Features natural pumice to scrub off the grease and grime
  • It keeps your hand moisturized
  • Removed the stubborn grease and grime with ease

8. Fast Orange Pumice Lotion

Any motorist that enjoys occasional DIY car fixing at home, you might want to get this cleaner. It is small enough to serve you occasionally. You can even keep it in the glove box to help you whenever you have an emergency on the road.

This is a premium, petroleum solvent-free cleaner that comes with natural ingredients only. In other words, there are no harsh chemicals, ammonia, or petroleum solvents that might irritate your skin. Instead, you will enjoy ingredients like lanolin, aloe, and glycerin.

Other than that, the cleaner comes with skin conditioners to soothe your hands and prevent them from staying dry.

One feature that makes this cleaner unique and stands out of most cleaner is that it comes with MicroGel Technology. It means that it will stick to your hand as you applying it hence avoiding wastage.

Plus, this technology will assure you of even distribution of pumice in the whole bottle. Therefore, you will enjoy a top-notch cleaning solution even to the last drop.

Key Features :

  • Free of petroleum solvent and harsh chemicals
  • Infused with MicroGel technology that prevents wastage
  • All-Natural ingredients
  • Fine pumice helps to clean the toughest grime and grease
  • Safe on hands
  • Leaves hand smelling fresh

9. Heavy Duty Mechanics Hand Soap

Moving on with our list, we introduce you to this hand cleaner from Stocker X. Any mechanic out there would love using this cleaner because it does magic when getting rid of the grease and grime.

This cleaner comes with industrial-strength to wash off the grease on your hands. It features a natural solvent that will work on the grease while being gentle on the skin. The natural ingredients on this cleaner are also worth the mention.

It features lemon and orange peels extract that will not only scrub off grease from your hands but also leave your hand smelling fresh. You won’t have to worry about having the smell of grease following you everywhere when you have this cleaner.

Plus, other natural ingredients include glycerin and jojoba oil. The glycerin and jojoba oil helps to moisturize your skin hence preventing your hand from cracking or drying. The bottle is small enough to fit in your glove box or even toolbox. It comes with a dispenser/lid that makes it easy to squeeze off the cleaner.

Key Features :

  • 16-oz bottle is small for easy portability
  • Formulated and tested by chemists
  • Features natural ingredients like jojoba oil, lemon/orange peels, and glycerin
  • Designed to absorb and eliminate grease and grime
  • Harsh chemical-free/safe on hands
  • Moisturizes skin


Our last but not least product on the list is this cleaner from GOJO. It is another great cleaner from a reputable brand. This will be your ideal pick if you don’t want the 1 gallon bottle or the small tube. The 0.5 gallon seems reliable enough to use at home or in a small garage.

This cleaner also comes with a quick-acting formula that will work on the grease in the quickest time possible. Besides, it is coupled with orange pumice with small particles for an easy scrub-off. As a result, you will have an easy time getting rid of the grime and grease from your hands.

It will clean your hands effectively without exposing your skin to harsh chemicals that would irritate your hands. For those that love clean and fresh-smelling hands, you will enjoy using this cleaner. There is a fragrant natural smell that comes from citrus ingredients.

Key Features :

  • 5 gallon bottle
  • All-Natural ingredients
  • Citrus ingredients keep your hands smelling fresh
  • Contains pumice scrubbing particles to clean off grease
  • Features a quick-acting lotion formula to eliminate grease and grime quickly
  • Easy squeeze dispenser/lid

Things to Consider before Buying Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

Getting the best cleaner for mechanics will help get rid of the grime and grease once you are done with the mechanical work. If none of the products on the list meet your preferences and needs, you can always go for the one you like.

But before you step out to shop for any hand cleaner, here are some tips you should consider:


The first thing you should consider is the ingredients used in the product. You don’t want to have an ingredient that will be harsh on your hand. For that, ensure that the ingredients are all-natural. In this case, consider ingredients such as pumice, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, glycerin, orange peels, or lemon.

Degreasing Ability

It is not only about finding a cleaner with all-natural ingredients. Instead, you should consider if the cleaner can genuinely eliminate the grease and grime from your hands. In this case, consider if the cleaner has pumice particles that scrub off the grease.

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Size of the Cleaner/Container

The size, in this case, depends on the container of the cleaner. Do you prefer a big 1-gallon bottle, a small squeeze tube, or a medium 0.5-gallon bottle? Whatever you love, make sure that you choose the one that suits your needs.

Don’t forget to choose one that falls in your budget, comes from a reputable brand, and is proven to keep your hands conditioned, moisturized, and smelling fresh.


The hand cleaner should have a refreshing smell to it. If you are purchasing for your garage, please make sure that the scent is not too strong, so it does not scare away people who come in contact with any residue left on their hands after touching an item or surfaces throughout the day.

An excellent refreshing fragrance will make you feel happy and relaxed after being on the go for hours at work as a mechanic.! Please be sure to check if any new cleaners have an odorless scent option– this means no chemicals whatsoever, so nothing backs up against you.

Variety of Uses

We use hand cleaner for removing oil, grease, and other stubborn messes from hands. But do you know you can use hand cleaner for other purposes as well? For example, Gojo Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner not only removes dirt but stains on clothes too.

Gojo Orange pumice cleansers are two paws up when cleaning your dirty digits, both inside the mechanic garage or outside. They even take care of tough spills around kitchen tables at restaurants.

Environment Friendly 

Environmentally friendly cleaning products are a great way to make sure your hands and pipes stay healthy. For example, the mechanic hand cleaner is made with non-toxic ingredients like baking soda, soap nuts extract (a natural plant oil), peppermint leaves for the added scent.

Mechanic hand cleaner doesn’t contain any petroleum or harsh chemicals, so you can safely use them on anything related to home maintenance, such as sinks.

Most of these cleaners also come in refill packages that require no water at all; rub onto dirty surfaces, then wipe clean away without leaving behind residue–perfect if there’s no running water handy.


Hand cleaners are a must-have product for the mechanic because they have to clean their hands nicely and very often. However, the problem is that most hand cleansers do not contain moisturizing properties, leading to dry skin and even cracking in some cases.

But there’s hope on the horizon. Many new brands have started adding extra lotion to their products. So, you don’t need another separate product at home or work anymore. Hand Cleanser with Moisturizer makes sure our palms stay soft.

Benefits of Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

When you have your hands extremely dirty, and the job is successfully done, the hand cleaner will help keep your hands clean. But you have to ensure that you are using the proper hand cleaner made for mechanics.

So why do you need a mechanic hand cleaner anyway? Here is a breakdown of the benefits of a mechanic hand cleaner:

  • It keeps your hands clean and presentable (after the grease-filled work)
  • Removes grease and grime quickly. The mechanic hand cleaner is specifically made to get rid of grime and grease in the quickest way possible.
  • Gentle and safe on hands (no harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin)
  • They are multi-purpose. You can use the cleaner to clean other stubborn stains around the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best hand cleaner for mechanics?

That depends on what you want from the cleaner. As long as you stick to the buyer’s guide and consider every factor, you can be sure of getting the best hand cleaner for you.

2. Do I need a brush to use the hand cleaner?

No, you don’t need a brush because most top-rated cleaners with pumice particles to scrub off the grease and grime. However, to help you get rid of grease and grime from your nails, you might need a good hand brush.

3. How often should I use the cleaner?

You should clean your hands properly with the hand cleaner as soon as you are done with the mechanical work.

4. Can I use the cleaner in the house?

Yes, it is safe to use the hand cleaner around the house to get rid of the stubborn stains. As long as the ingredients are safe and able to eliminate grime and grease on your hand, then you can use it around the house.

5. What ingredients should I avoid?

As usual, always ensure that you go for a cleaner with all-natural ingredients. For that, avoid going for harsh chemicals, ammonia, synthetic fragrance, and petroleum solvent.

Final Words

So, the best mechanics hand cleaner is that which can quickly clean grease and grime without exposing your hands to harsh chemicals. When you have the right-hand cleaner for removing grease and grime, you will be confident of a reliable cleaner to eliminate the stubborn stain off your hands.

Don’t forget to consider the ingredients before choosing any hand cleaner.