5 Best Circular Saw Blade For MDF (Review 2021)

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Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product produced by bonding wood fibers and synthetic resin adhesive. Most circular saw blades make rip or crosscuts in MDF except carbide-tipped types blade.

MDF is one of the highest glue content, and if you don’t use the carbide-tipped blade, your blade may dull quickly.

So, before you want to work with MDF, choosing the right circular saw blade is necessary otherwise, it will cost you much. Nobody wants to change blade or tool frequently and expect fast and smooth cuts.

This article will cover up 6 best circular saw blades review and a buyer’s guide for cutting MDF based on our research and user’s review.

Either you are a professional or a newbie, believe us, this article will help you pick the right blade for your task done successfully. So, keep reading.

5 Best Circular Saw Blade For MDF

ImageProductDetails  Price
1Graff Speedcutter Circular Saw BladeArbor: 7/8 Inch
Teeth: 3T
Blade: 4.5 Inches
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2Freud Ultra Fine Circular Saw BladeArbor: 7/8 Inch
Teeth: 100T
Blade: 12 Inches
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3Concord Circular Saw BladeArbor: 7/8 Inch
Teeth: 18T
Blade: 4-3/8 Inches 
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4Dewalt Circular Saw BladesArbor: 7/8 Inch
Teeth: 60T
Blade: 10 Inches 
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5Dewalt Circular Saw BladesArbor: 7/8 Inch
Teeth: 36T
Blade: 5-1/2 Inches
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1. Graff Speedcutter Circular Saw Blade

Graff Speedcutter Circular Saw Blade

Key Features

  • Multifunction Circular Saw Blade
  • Anti-Kickback Design
  • Anti-Overheating Technology
  • Feed Stop Feature
  • 2 mm Kerf
  • Certified By MPA Hannover

Graff Speedcutter is specially designed and suitable for cutting all kinds of MDF. Its wood craving disc especially used for an angle grinder and unique shape makes it one of the safest blades.

The Graff Speedcutter blade has only 3 teeth that provide an excellent number of radial resistances of the angle grinder at a high rotation rate.

The manufacturer has used a feed stop feature that prevents the blade from being submerged into the MDF, and an anti-kickback design prevents the kickback.

This blade creates many numbers of crashes into the MDF. So, we highly recommend following all safety instructions and use protective safety gear. One more thing, this blade is not designed for cutting metals. So, don’t try to cut metals with this blade.

  • You can use this blade for cutting, sculpting, and shaping
  • Its anti-overheating technology creates reasonable resistance value
  • You will get a smooth cut on MDF like cutting butter with a knife.
  • Its unique tooth shape specially designed for cutting MDF
  • Its optimal tooth number ensures comfortable operation.
  • This blade is certified by MPA Hannover.
  • This blade creates too much resistance.
  • Sometimes it creates kick-back and rebound.

2. Freud Diablo Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade

Freud D12100X Diablo Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade

Key Features

  • High-Performance Blade Design
  • Super Thin laser cut kerf
  • Parma-Shield Non-Stick Coating
  • Laser-Cut Stabilizer Vents
  • Laser-Cut Heat Expansion Slots
  • Tri-Metal Shock-Resistance Braze

The Freud D12100X, 100 tooth Diablo ultra-fine, is one of the best and high-performance circular saw blades for cutting MDF(Medium-Density-Fiberboard) in the marketplace.

This blade comes with 12 inches diameter, and 100 teeth help to get smoother and easier cuts. Tico hi-density special blend carbide and ultra-thin kerf design offers effortless and fast cuts on MDF and reduces materials waste.

The Parma-Shield Non-Stick Coating protects this blade from gumming, rusting, corrosion and makes it the most durable blade. Laser-cut stabilizer vents reduce noise and vibration. Its tri-metal shock-resistance brazing helps carbide tips to endure thrilling effects.

The manufacturer also used laser-cut heat expansion slots that protect this blade from over-heating, gumming, corrosion and helps to get true and straight cut on MDF.

  • The Freud D12100X, 100 tooth Diablo ultra-fine circular saw blade is easy to handle and use.
  • Its ultra-thin kerf and special design minimize materials waste.
  • This blade’s high count helps to get smooth and easy cut.
  • This blade comes with a high-density carbide.
  • If you like to get accurate and precision cut, this blade is the best.
  • This blade creates a terrible chip on the hardwood.
  • Frequent uses may cause teeth to bend.

3. Concord 18 Teeth TCT Circular Saw Blade

Concord 4-3/8-Inch 18 Teeth TCT Circular Saw Blade

Key Features

  • ATB grind
  • 1.8mm kerf
  • 15-degree hook angle
  • Heat Expansion Slots
  • 5/8-inch Arbor

Are you looking for a budget-friendly circular saw blade that can finish your job perfectly and accurately? We highly recommend this blade if you are thinking so. 

This blade comes with a 4-3/8-inch diameter and 18 carbide teeth. It is a professional-grade blade used for ripping, crosscutting, and finishing MDD materials and products. 

It’s ultra-thin 1.8mm kerf provides a smooth cut with minimal material waste, and 15 Degree lower hook angle helps to get a quality cut and increase the feed pressure as needed.

This blade doesn’t come with many features, but the manufacturer has used heat expansion slots that protect this blade from gumming, overheating, and corrosion.

  • This blade is suitable for circular, miter, hand, and table saws.
  • It’s a budget-friendly circular saw blade with professional-grade.
  • 1.8mm ultra-thin kerf provides a smooth cut and creates minimal waste.
  • Heat expansion slots prevent this blade from overheating and corrosion and make this blade most durable.
  • 12600 Max RPM ensures most smother cuts.
  • This blade is not suitable for metals.
  • This blade doesn’t have many features.

4. Dewalt DW3106P5 10-Inch Blades

Dewalt DW3106P5 10-Inch Blades

Key Features

  • Durable Tungsten Carbide Material
  • Thin Kerf
  • Comes with a heavy-duty combination pack
  • Heat Expansion Slots
  • Balanced Computer Plate

Dewalt DW3106P5 10-Inch is a popular blade for its high quality in the marketplace among users. This blade is ideal for cutting hardwood, softwood, chipboard, plywood, and especially for MDF. 

This blade comes with a thin-kerf that offers fast and smooth cuts. The manufacturer has used a balanced computer plate, which reduces vibration and ensures accuracy and better finishes while cutting MDF. Its anti-stick coating feature reduces heat and corrosion. 

You can use thins blade in both circular and miter saw. This blade is constructed by a steel tip, which maximizes strength and precision. 

This blade comes with a heavy-duty combination pack that will help you finish your task easily and nicely without any damage. So, if you want to get full benefit while cutting MDF, you can pick this blade certainly.  

  • This blade is constructed with a tougher tungsten carbide that keeps the blade sharper for a long time and gives a true edge.
  • Its ultra-thin kerf offers fast and smooth cuts.
  • Its computer-balanced plate reduces vibration and offers the most accuracy while cutting MDF.
  • The manufacturer offers an affordable price.
  • You can use this blade in the miter saw and slide miter saw.
  • Its yellow paint may stick to your MDF on the first few cuts.
  • You can’t use this blade on metals.

5. Oshlun 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade

5. Oshlun SBW-055036 5-1/2-Inch, Circular Saw Blade

Key Features

  • Professional Grade Carbide
  • Super Thin Kerf
  • Anti-kickback tooth design
  • Aggressive Hook Angle 
  • Long-lasting micro grain carbide 
  • Heat Vents For Cooler Operation 

The Oshlun SBW-055036 saw blade is made of professional-grade carbide materials. This blade is specially designed for cutting MDF. This circular saw blade comes with a 5-1/2-inch diameter and 36 teeth that ensure smooth and clean MDF cuts. 

The Oshlun SBW-055036 is well known for its amazing performance in cutting MDF. Even, you can cut softwood, hardwood, plywood, and hardwood materials as well as with this blade. 

This blade comes with a super-thin kerf, aggressive hook angle, and 5/8 inches arbor that ensures fast, easier cutting on MDF and extended battery life while using a cordless saw. 

Its anti-kickback tooth design protects from kickback and ensures safety measures. The micro-grain of this blade provides the possible and precision cut on the MDF.

The manufacturer has also used heat vents for cooler operation and copper plunged expansion slots to construct this blade that reduces noise and vibration.

  • This blade constructs with super thin kerf and micro-grain carbide that offers fast cuts on MDF.
  • This blade is fitted with Makita, Craftsman, Skil, and Ryobi Saw Machine.
  • 0.6 Inch super thin kerf provides cleat cuts.
  • Aggressive hook angle extends battery life while using cordless saws.
  • The heat vents cooler operation feature makes this blade most durable.
  • This blade is not suitable for metals.
  • You have to use safety protective gear while using this blade.