5 Best Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Concrete (Review and Guide)

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We use different circular saw blades for cutting different applications. Each material, tooth count, and design combination require specific blades suitable for a certain purpose, like circular steel blades are good for cutting all types of softwood. If you want to cut plywood, higher tooth count blades are perfect. So, based on the blade’s diameter, body materials, and tooth count, they are used in different applications.

When you want to deal with concrete, you should select such blades with diamond tips or some other abrasive blade. Blade diameter is also an important factor for cutting concrete while using an abrasive circular saw blade. A 4-Inches and 10-Inches diameter blades have good results for cutting concrete for an abrasive type of blade.

You should use a power saw and a strong body circular saw blade if you have a big concrete cutting project because concrete is a very solid surface application. How powerful are your saws and blades? To be confirmed, check if you saw AMP and blade RPM. The higher RPM means the better circular saw blade you are using for cutting concrete.

You must keep in mind one more important matter: concrete is a very hard application and dangerous to deal with. So, we will suggest you use protective safety gear.

This article will introduce to you some awesome quality, great design, diamond tip, and abrasive types of circular saw blades highly recommended by professionals, regular users, and DIYer.

5 Best Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Concrete

ImageProductDetails  Price
1GRAFF SPEEDCUTTER Circular Saw BladeSize : 4-1/2-Inches
Arbor: 7/8 Inch
Number Of Teeth: 3T
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2GoYonder Super Thin Diamond Saw BladeSize : 4-Inches 
Arbor: 5/8 Inch
Material: Diamond
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3Rockwell Diamond Compact Circular Saw BladeSize : 4-1/2-Inches
Material: Diamond
60 grit diamond
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4Casaverde Porcelain Cutting Saw BladeSize : 4-Inches
Arbor: 22.23mm
Thickness: 1.8mm
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5Makita Abrasive Blade For Cutting ConcreteSize : 4.5-Inches
Material: Aluminum Oxide
Thickness: 0.08 Inches
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1. GRAFF SPEEDCUTTER Circular Saw Blade


Key Features 

  • Multifunction Circular Saw Blade
  • Anti-Kickback Design
  • Anti-Overheating Technology
  • 2 mm Kerf
  • Certified By MPA Hannover

The GRAFF SPEEDCUTTER is an all-in-one circular saw blade. This GRAFF Diamond is mostly used for cutting, sculpting, and shaping concrete materials. You can use this blade for polishing, grinding, cutting non-metal materials, and dealing with all kinds of wood materials as well.

It is one of the best craving circular saw blades because of its special design and construction. Its special design and construction produce radial resistance value while working at a high rotation rate. And this blade doesn’t overheat even if you work for a long time with this circular saw blade.

The GRAFF Diamond blade disc is made of instrumental steel and tungsten carbide teeth with laser sharpening technology. So, this blade is ideal for cutting hard surfaces like concrete. Its anti-kickback design provides no kickback during work. You can use this blade in any chain saws and simple saws.

The manufacturer has also used a wood carving disc on this blade, which is important for angle grinding. This blade’s unique shape makes it one of the safest and the best circular saw blade for cutting concrete in the marketplace. This blade creates many crashes into the concrete. So, we will suggest you use protective gear during cutting concrete.

  • This blade has a variety of uses like cutting, sculpting, and shaping.
  • The GRAFF SPEEDCUTTER is an MPA-certified circular saw blade.
  • You can use this blade in various applications like MDF, Non-Metal Materials, Wood Applications, and concretes.
  • This blade is very comfortable to use during operation because of its optimal teeth number.
  • There is no comparison to get a smooth cut with this blade.
  • You can use this blade in chain saws and simple saws beside circular saws.
  • This blade creates too much resistance.
  • You must wear protective safety gear while using this blade in concrete.

2. GoYonder Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade

GoYonder Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade

Key Features

  • X Teeth Rim Design  
  • Super Thin Kerf 
  • Anti-Vibration Vents
  • Diamond Tip 

GoYonder is a well-known manufacturer that produces high-quality products. GoYonder produces circular saw blades, particle home & kitchen products, diamond blades, diamond masonry blades, dry blades, and polishing pads for angle grinders.

This GoYonder diamond blade is mostly used for dry and wet cutting. While dealing with dry or wet concrete with this blade, you must use water because a hard surface creates more friction and heat. Water will help you cool down this diamond blade from over-heat and reduce friction into the concrete materials. Water also reduces the dust during the cutting process.

The GoYonder diamond blade comes with an X teeth design that provides fast and smooth precise cuts. The X teeth design has some other benefits like it produces less dust, creates less vibration during cutting, generates higher efficiency and cost-effective benefits, and gives longer life of this blade.

The specially designed super-thin diamond blades are mostly used for cutting concrete. Besides cutting concrete, you can also use this blade to cut porcelain, ceramic tile, and cement backer board.

Either you are a newbie, professional, or a DIYer, and you will be happy to use this blade at your workplace. Before you use this blade, make sure you use a dust masksafety glasses, and a stream of water. Finally, we can say the GoYonder is one of the best abrasive-type blades, dry-cutting blades, and wet-cutting blades in the marketplace.

  • It is a universal circular saw blade for dry and wet cutting.
  • Its X-Teeth design provides fast and smooth cuts.
  • Its super thin kerf provides a chip-free cut.
  • You will be able to cut a variety of materials with this blade beside concrete.
  • This blade is very cost-effective.
  • This blade is not suitable for cutting plastic materials.
  • You have to use water manually while cutting dry concrete.

3. Rockwell Diamond Compact Circular Saw Blade

Rockwell Diamond Compact Circular Saw Blade

Key Features 

  • Dry-Cutting Diamond Blade 
  • Light Weight
  • 13000 Max RPM
  • Suitable With Compact Circular Saws.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly diamond-compact circular saw blade with the best quality? Then the Rockwell RW9283 could be a better choice. This blade is specially designed for dry-cutting on concrete, cement, ceramics, and stone tile.

This blade comes with 4-1/2-Inches diameter, 60-grit diamond teeth. The weight of this blade is only 3.2 ounces. So, you can easily handle this blade during operation. This blade can rotate up to 13000 maximum RPM. So, you can easily use this blade on all sorts of hard surfaces like concrete slabs.

Many diamond blades are available in the marketplace, but very few diamond cutting blades are as effective as the Rockwell RW9283 for dry cutting. You can use this blade with all kinds of compact circular saws. It would help if you kept it in mind. It is not a high-end quality blade, so don’t expect too much from this blade-like other diamond masonry blades offer.


  • Brand: Rockwell 
  • Blade Dimensions: 0.59 x 7.09 x 5.51 inches
  • Material: Diamond
  • Blade Diameter: 4-1/2-Inches
  • Number Of Teeth: 60
  • Weight: 3.2Ounces
  • Country Of Origin: China 
  • Shape: Circular
  • Function: Cutting
  • Suitable Application: Concrete
  • It is one of the best budget-friendly diamond cutting blades in the marketplace.
  • This blade is easy to handle and use.
  • It is one of the higher RPM blades. So, you can use this blade on hard surfaces.
  • This blade is durable enough compared to other dry-cutting diamond blades.
  • This blade is not suitable for plastics materials.
  • This blade’s arbor doesn’t fit with the angle grinder.

4. Casaverde Porcelain Cutting Saw Blade

Casaverde Porcelain Cutting Saw Blade

Key Features 

  • Super Thin Turbo Mesh Rim 
  • X Teeth 
  • Thinner Kerf
  • Diamond Masonry Blade 

Casaverde is a well-known manufacturer for producing diamond porcelain cutting circular saw blades in the marketplace. Their 10-Inches Diamond Porcelain Cutting Circular Saw Blade is very popular for cutting concrete, Marble, and Stone materials. This blade is called a universal diamond blade for dry or wet cutting.

This blade is constructed with X teeth that offer fast and smooth cuts on concrete slabs, wet tile, and backer board. It is one of the best super thin turbo mesh rim diamond blades that provides fast, smooth, and chip-free cuts during operation. This blade’s diamond slots to the outside ensure easy and uninterrupted passage through the concrete and stone. And its cooling hole protects this blade from overheating.

The manufacturer has used a thicker center feature on this blade that protects this blade from vibrations and prevents wobbling during cutting of concrete and other hard surfaces. Its high-performance diamond body plate makes this blade durable, gives longer life, and also helps to remove airborne dust from the applications.

This blade’s length is 200mm, and the segment height is 10mm. So, if you need a long-inch deep cut, you can easily do that with this blade. You can use this blade for different purposes and can be used as a porcelain tile blade, ceramic tile blade, granite blade, and another thin masonry blade.

  • This blade is used for both dry and wet cutting.
  • Its X teeth feature offers fast and smooth cuts.
  • Super-Thin turbo mesh rim offers a chip-free cutting experience.
  • Cooling holes protect this blade from overheating.
  • Diamond matrix gives this blade a longer life.
  • This blade is a bit pricey compared to other brands.
  • This blade is not suitable for soft surface applications.

5. Makita Abrasive Blade For Cutting Concrete

best circular saw blade for cutting concrete

Key Features 

  • Top-Notch RPM
  • Specially Designed For Dry and Wet Cut. 
  • Comes With 3 Multi-Pieces 
  • Premium High-Quality Blade Body 

Are you looking for such a blade that can cut lots of concrete within a little time? Makita 4.5-Inches turbo diamond & abrasive types of blades is what you are looking for. Its affordable price tag and high-performance quality make this blade popular among users.

This blade comes with a multi-piece set that includes one masonry blade and two metal cut-off wheels. It is a turbo diamond and abrasive blade, so you can easily get a fast and smooth cut with this blade. This blade is mostly used for cutting concrete, making cinder blocks, and brick cutting. It is compatible with all kinds of circular saws that have a 7/8-Inches arbor hole. This blade is also compatible with 4.5 to 9-Inches angle grinders.

Makita 4.5-Inches abrasive blade is well optimized for a balanced and precise cut. The manufacturer has used power mend and heat build-up feature that allows you to cut concrete for a long time. You can cut dry or wet concrete quickly and effortlessly with this blade.

This blade is popular for its cutting performance and its higher temperature resistance and stability. We can guarantee you; this blade is ahead compared to another blade for a faster and longer cutting period.

Makita 4.5-Inches diamond blade is one of the best all-in-one blades in the marketplace. Though this blade is popular for cutting concrete, you can also use this blade to cut masonry and metal materials, like steel pipe, structural & galvanized steel, sheet metal, structural tubing, black steel, and cables. We have tested this blade for cutting hard bond matrixes.

  • This blade is very inexpensive compared to another blade of the same quality.
  • You can cut lots of concrete within a little time.
  • Its top-notch RPM and thin kerf offer smooth and fast cuts.
  • You can use this blade for both purposes, like dry and wet cuts.
  • It is one of the most durable blades in the marketplace for cutting concrete.
  • This blade doesn’t have the best result on soft surfaces applications.
  • This blade might flake-out while used on a too-hard surface.

Final Words

There are many circular saw blades available in the marketplace for cutting concrete. There is no doubt that diamond blades are best to cut concrete. If you are not experienced or professional, it’s hard to pick the right blade from the marketplace.

That’s why we have reviewed these five best diamond blades that professionals especially recommend. We have even tested all these five blades at our workshop. No blade is a hundred percent perfect, but our listed blades are good enough within the budget and quality for cutting concrete.

You should keep in mind that concrete is a hard material, so always use protective safety gear to keep you safe from any unwanted accident. If you have any suggestions or advice regarding our topic, please let us know by commenting below.

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