Getting the Best Air Compressor for Your Nail Guns

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Are you looking for alternatives to hammering? Do all the products make you confuse to find the right one? Best air compressor for nail gun can rescue you bringing perfection to work. 

Brad is a new user of the product. He wanted to do some makeover for the house. While doing so, using an air compressor for woodworking was a satisfying experience. He said it was easy, less time consuming with an expert touch.

Whether a DIY enthusiast or already a construction worker- it is useful for both. Using a hammer can for small jobs is okay. But when it comes to the completion of a big job, this will not do. 

For a professional finishing, this tool is the best. That is what makes it a valuable one. 

List of Best Air Compressor for Nail Guns

BOSTITCH-Pancake-Air-Compressor-Oil-FreeBOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor Oil-FreeCheck Price
DEWALT-Air-Compressor-for-Trim-200-PSI-MaxDEWALT Air Compressor 225-PSI Max, Hand Carry with WheelsCheck Price
PORTER-CABLE-Air-Compressor-6-Gallon-PancakePORTER-CABLE Air Compressor 6-Gallon PancakeCheck Price
Makita-MAC2400-Big-Bore-2.5-HP-Air-CompressorMakita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air CompressorCheck Price
California-Air-Tools-8010-Steel-Tank-Air-CompressorCalifornia Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air CompressorCheck Price

1. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor Oil-Free 6-Gallon


  • Tank size: 6 Gallons
  • Style: Pancake Tank
  • PSI: 150
  • Power source: Electricity
  • Weight: 29 pounds

Bostitch is a renowned name in the industry. If you are looking for a reliable product with accessories, you should check this model. Even for a new user, this can be a great tool. You can buy it without the accessories as well. 

From repairing the home, fixing the roof to cleaning- everything is possible with this. The air compressor can also reach difficult areas where others cannot. When you pair it with the nail gun, it drives nails precisely and successfully.

If you carefully look at the product design, it has a comfortable grip. This feature allows moving the product from one place to another. Furthermore, the drain system smoothly handles the water sewerage.

The package includes portable air compressors, pneumatics, automotive air tools. Moreover, the price is competitive and affordable. The oil-free pump makes sure it stays stain free.


  • The compressor can fill air quickly.
  • The product is durable
  • Great tool for indoor and outdoor.
  • It comes with an efficient motor to work in cold weather.
  • Two universal couplers allow support to two users.


  • The compressor makes noise slightly more than it says in the package.

2. DEWALT Air Compressor 225-PSI Max, Hand Carry with Wheels


  • Power Source: Electricity
  • Tank Size: 4.5 Gallons
  • SCFM: 5
  • PSI: 225
  • Weight: 80 pounds

The second product on the review list is from DEWALT. It is a leading name among customers. They used high-pressure technology for an efficient motor. People who are searching for high power with low subsistence can buy it. 

It can be the best portable air compressor for a nail gun. The reason is the vertical stand and a collapsible holder. The 1.6 horsepower is something to cheer for. Durability features have made it to become a long-lasting product. So, it is a long-term secure investment.

There is no doubt, the product is capable of heavy-duty operations. It has a strong, hard, and solid production to fulfill the required job. And ten inches of non-flat foam casters make it portable without any trouble.

As this includes an oil-free pump, maintenance is easy. There is no chance of stain or rust. You can have the supreme experience of nailing with the tool. Additionally, this may be the best framing compressor for the capability of handling big projects. Small framing or renovation- you can do both.

The good news is that the air compressor has a one year warranty with a free service contract.


  • Air pressure force is higher
  • The high flow coupler concedes for the greatest nailer performance.
  • Operating is easy and is not noisy.
  • Sturdy and enduring product.
  • You can store and transport without hassle.
  • It is a handy and multipurpose tool.


  • The extension cord in the package is not long enough.

3. PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor 6-Gallon Pancake


  • Tank size: 6 gallons
  • PSI: 150
  • SCFM: 2.6
  • Power Source: Electricity
  • Weight: 30 pounds

People who are looking for a product on a comparatively low budget can check this product. This brand is also in demand in the market. The combination of price and functional features are excellent.

The machine comes with pneumatics, portable air compressors, and a pancake compressor. It has an outstanding performance delivering capacity with a higher pressure. This tool also includes air couplers from which they installed from the factory. As a result, two people can use it without interruption. 

You will find this as a lightweight compressor. Moreover, the console and the handle ensure a comfortable carrying option. There is also a cover for significant parts of the product from damage. 

This tool has a one-year limited warranty on the compressor components. 

The manufacturer built the motor to work in chilly weather. We will recommend it to people who are going to work in this type of situation. You can use the household circuits to operate the machine.


  • The product is durable.
  • It is economical compared to others.
  • Lightweight and user-friendly. 
  • It can reach a maximum PSI fast.
  • This product runs in cold weather well.
  • Transportation is simple.
  • The rubber feet bring stability.


  • The machine vibration is strong.
  • There is a problem with air pressure leakage.
  • It makes noise while operating.

4. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor


  • Tank Size: 4.2  
  • Power Source: Electricity
  • Weight: 77 pounds
  • PSI: 130
  • SCFM: 4.8

The product is for you if there is a need for a durable compressor with long-term life and quick recovery. This product is full of expert engineering, innovative technology for better performance.

The best part is it allows the use of all types of nailers. That is a hugely advantageous feature. As a result, it has also become the best framing nailer compressor.

There is also a cast-iron cylinder cage for safety and better performance. The industrial large air filter increases air intake. With 2.5 horsepower the motor can run with power and less noise. This tool includes an air compressor, universal quick coupler in the package.

The pump is oil-lubricated that decreases the waste amount and ensures a cooler running temperature. The maker provides a one-year warranty for parts and labor.

The oil sight glass provides efficient and quick support. There is a thermal overload for protecting the motor. Also, it gives a finned discharging tube for distributing the heat equally. Furthermore, a tank drain lid, oil duct is part of the package.
Professional workers use this product as it allows long time performance. It might be the reason for the tool to become the best air compressor for the contractor.


  • The pressure is stable
  • It has a faster recovery time.
  • The machine operates quietly
  • You can maintain easily
  • It has a sturdy built and powerful motors


  • Construction material quality is not satisfactory. 

5. California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor


  • Power Source: Electricity
  • Tank Size: 8 Gallons
  • PSI: 120
  • Weight: 48 pounds

The last product in our review list for the best air compressor for a nail gun is the California Air Tools. If you have a problem with noise while working, this is the ideal one for you. So, it is excellent for using indoor.

The oil-free dual-piston pump system enhances the durability and performance of the product. This tool has a limited warranty of one year.

It has the power of 1 horsepower that can increase to 2 horsepower. The RPM of 1680 enables it to create less noise and waste. It has only sixty decibels of the noise level. For that, the tool makes 30% less noise than the available product in the market. 

The oil-free pump makes the maintenance convenient. The compressor is also adequate to operate in various weather conditions. You can carry it in different places with the wheel kit. There is also a protector for spreading the heat equally.


  • The noise level is quite low.
  • It is lightweight.
  • You can easily transport using the wheel kit.
  • It is suitable for various temperatures.
  • The thermal overload protects from damage.


  • The machine lacks stability.

Buying Guide for Users

Selecting the right and best nail gun compressor can be difficult if do not know what to look for. The factors you should consider before buying are the following-

Air Pressure

The metric for measuring air pressure is indicated as PSI. Usually for using only for one purpose 120 to 150 PSI is enough. But if you wish to use it for multipurpose, there are also models with a higher pressure.

Air Flow Rate

The air volume measurement metric is CFM. This must sync with the nail gun you will be using. A machine must have 2 CFM at 90 PSI for satisfactory performance. In the case of heavy-duty requirements, use the one with 4 CFM at 90 PSI.

Tank Size

Air compressor comparison is common while making a purchase decision. Tank size is a part of that. Generally, a bigger one will have a long runtime. The user will experience smooth and great performance as well.

But try to make sure you do not buy a tank size that is not compatible with your nail gun. It will be a waste of money and time they do not match.

Operating in Quiet Environment

A noisy environment will only hamper the temper of the people working in the area. This can lessen the productivity level as well. You must choose one that makes lower to no noise if possible.

If a machine has an RPM of 1680 it is ideal for working. The reason is, it reduces the noise. The sound level should be 70 decibels or less for maintaining a quiet operating environment. While working indoor, noise is a vital concern.


People use a nail gun in a variety of places. It is not limited within fixed places. So, portability is an essential criterion. The product must be easy to move around when necessary. If it has a comfortable grip, wheels, or lightweight the compressor will be more useful.

Oil vs. Oil-less

An air compressor can run with or without oil. Both types are available. The main thing to keep in mind is the changing size. If a machine runs with oil it will increase the overall size and weight of the product.

On the other hand, if you choose an oil-free one, it reduces the size significantly. Because there will be no oil tank. But products that use oil make near to zero noise. The oil-free one is louder comparatively. 

Also, you should remember, the product performance does not differ for this factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best air compressor?

You can use air compressors for various purposes. So, the response will be different depending on the task. If you are looking for one to use with a nail gun, there are certain required features. 

The criteria will not be the same as using it for another purpose. But the best air compressor for nail gun should be compatible with the tool you are using. Every machine has it’s PSI and CFM limitation. To get the best result, you should research both. 

A good air compressor will serve to power the ethereal tool and give the best performance. Buying an expensive or the latest model does not guarantee a quality product. But it can cause trouble if not compatible with each other. 

Malfunctioning, suspension, stalling- all can happen if both the tools are not suitable. Again, you will get the best execution while operating if you buy the right one. Even a mid-range price can get the job done.

  1. What size air compressor is required for nail gun?

A nail gun does not need a big size of air compressor. It is a tool that works intermittently. In that case, there is no need for continuous airflow. So, according to the machine’s requirement, the size will differ.

If the size is big, it is better for construction works or heavy-duty. But for lightweight jobs or DIYers do not need to buy that big. If you purchase a bigger size than you need, it will be a waste of money. A short burst of air is enough for the nail guns. 

Additionally, the specification can also vary depending on the type of nails you are using. In general, for the regular workload, a 2 CFM will be adequate. The tank capacity should be between 2 to 6 gallons.

  1. Who makes the best air compressors?

There are several products obtainable in the market. If you want to buy the best air compressor,  you may look for criteria that suit your purpose.

You can use this machine for painting, nailing, and other associated tasks. It is capable of delivering the job efficiently. The best will be the one – that can supply the demanded air pressure to finish the job.

After you figure out all the features to fulfill your work, it will be easy to find who makes the most suitable one. If you are going to do nailing, you will find the best air compressor for a nail gun.

  1. How do you use an air compressor nail gun?

The nail can do an almost perfect job in places that are hard to reach. It is safe and quick. Sometimes hammers are not enough for those jobs. The combination of the two machines is unmatched to that. 

If you have an air compressor and a nail gun, there are lots of opportunities for you. Installing, building, or replacing become so much easier. But one must know the process of using the machine to evade any types of accidents. You may follow the steps below-

  • The first thing is to choose the right air gun for your task. The type of nail and task will decide the size of the nail gun. 

There are brad nail guns that you can use for nails of 18 gauge. It is for driving smaller nails. With a hammer, they can break most of the time. So, for jobs like possibilities of trimming, splitting, or installing small things it is perfect. 

For large jobs and projects framing nail guns are best. They are very useful for quickly putting together things. You will need large gauge nails. There might be a possibility of damaging the surroundings by using a hammer. The air gun takes care of this problem.

  • After you decided the nail gun size, it is time to decide the air compressor size. By this time job size is fixed. So, it needs the right machine to power up the process.

Usually, nail guns do not need a lot of CFM or cubic feet per minute. Therefore, most people can afford to buy smaller ones with portability facilities. A standard air compressor has 2 CFM which comes with one horsepower. This is enough for new users.

But if you are going to use the gun regularly, you may need to buy a bigger one. The motor should be at least two horsepower for experienced users. 

In that way, the job is finished quicker. The air compressor with 2 CFM, one horsepower, and 2-6 gallons of tank size should be sufficient. Also, it will weigh around 30 pounds that will be easily portable.

Most of the compressors in the market have a PSI of 90 on average. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will need one with 120 PSI. Make sure to read the manual for compatibility.

  • At this step, if the air compressor is new, you need to prepare it for use. See the manual or videos available online for a clear understanding. It is necessary to put together all the parts in the right place. When everything is in place, you are ready to turn it on.
  • The air compressor must build up air pressure to function correctly.  In the beginning, PSI should be 0. Then you need to attach the NPT female plug to the nail gun. 

When both ends are secure, you can use the regulator knob to send air. Wait till you reach the required PSI. However, if you are not sure, always check the manual for confirmation.

  • Now you are ready to use the machine to fulfill your purpose. Protection accessories are necessary. So, put on goggles and a helmet. We would recommend you to read the instructions to learn about operating accurately.
  • At last, after finishing the tool, turn the power off. Then empty the air compressor tank by releasing the pressurized air inside. Not doing so can lead to rust. To do so, open the exhaustion valve until it is empty.
  1. What is the best air compressor for using at home?

There is always a possibility of using an air compressor inside your house. The reason is- the usage of the product is not limited to certain places. So, the best one will be that creates no noise inside the house. 

Compressors that run with oil make such lower noise that you will rarely hear it. There are different models present for purchasing. But the size will be larger as an oil tank is attached. It is up to you which one to buy depending on the budget and preferences.


If you want to make work simple and convenient, it is best to use the best air compressor for a nail gun. For the DIY people, this product is a gem. Those who used it know the difference. It is a lot easier than using a hammer.

Maybe you are reroofing your room or house, building a fence, or doing woodwork. This product can save you a lot of hassle. So, it saves energy for doing more. 

Depending on the activity scale, you should buy your air compressor. It is not the same for contractors and DIY users. The specifications and features will provide you enough knowledge. With the reviews of this content and other users’ experience, decision making will be easy for you.