5 Best 7-1/4 Circular Saw Blade (Review and Guide 2021)

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Many people think a 7-1/4-inch circular saw blade is useful for cutting lumber, house farming, hardwood, or concrete forms. This myth is partially true, but not entirely true.

You can use the 7-1/4-inch Circular saw blade to cut woods for furniture, cut steel, or aluminum. This circular saw blade is also used for plywood ripping and laminating the floor as well as.

If you want to reduce unwieldy sheets of plywood to get the manageable size and heavy demolition cuts of lumber, you can still use it without any problems.

We have done deep research and gathered field experience for some best 7-1/4-inch circular saw blades to give you the best service and experience on cutting.

5 Best 7-1/4 Circular Saw Blade

imageProduct namePrice
best-7-14-circular-saw-blad-1Diablo 7-1/4″ 60-Tooth Ultra Fine Finish Saw BladeCheck Price
DEWALT 7-14 Circular Saw BladeDEWALT 7-1/4″ 60-Tooth Circular Saw BladeCheck Price
Makita D-45989-10 7-14 24TMakita 7-1/4″ 24T Carbide-Tipped Circular Saw BladeCheck Price
TOMAX 7-14-Inch 60 ToothTOMAX 7-1/4-Inch 60 Tooth TCG Circular Saw BladeCheck Price
TWIN-TOWN 7-14-Inch Saw BladeTWIN-TOWN 7-1/4-Inch General Purpose Saw BladeCheck Price


Diablo 7-1/4″ 60-Tooth Ultra Fine Finish Saw Blade


  • Arbor: 5/8″
  • Size: 7-1/4 Inch
  • Hook Angle: 10 Inch
  • Kerf: 0.059 Inch
  • Plate: 0.04o Inch
  • Teeth: 60 ATB
  • Max Rpm: 8000
  • Application: Best For Hardwood, Plywood, and Softwoods

Diablo 7-1/4″ x 60 blade comes with 60 TiCo Carbide teeth. Its special grind brings an exact clean cut in every useable application, like veneer plywood or delicate hardwoods.

This blade has used anti-vibration technology, laser-cut steel body, Perama shield non-stick Coating, and blade pretension. Its ultra-thin kerf technology helps to cut faster and easy way without maximum cost.

This 7-1/4″ x 60 Tooth Ultra Finish Saw Blade is one of the best quality blades in the marketplace. This blade is very easy to handle in the extreme condition of professional construction.


  • Diablo 7-1/4″ x 60 blades have used TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide that enhanced its performance.
  • Its Perma-Shield non-stick Coating protects this blade from high heat, pasting, and corrosion.
  • Its 0.059-inch ultra-thin kerf helps for fast and clean cuts.
  • Its tri-metal shocking resistance brazing makes it most durable.
  • Its Hardened steel body has given it a longer life and sharper cutting edge.


  • Price is a bit high but affordable
  • You must be careful about your hand while working. 


DEWALT 7-1/4″ 60-Tooth Circular Saw Blade


  • Size : 7-1/4″
  • Arbor: 5/8″  
  • Teeth: 60
  • Compatible Materials: Wood 
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide 
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: No

Dewalt 7-1/4″ Circular blades are well known for farming, cross-cutting and delicate finish tasks. Its patented anchor body slots reduce noise, vibration, and gullet cracking. Its thin kerf blade design delivers an extraordinarily smooth cut feeling to the user. 

It uses high-density rugged carbide teeth and wears resistance that gives it a long life. The reinforced shoulder design has given it extra strength and durability against the nail-embedded wood.

This blade also comes with a tough coat™ Anti-stick coating that reduces friction and gumming. This blade is highly optimized to use on both corded and cordless circular saw. This blade has two different models, the new and the old model. 

Advantages For New Model

  • This blade is made with high-density tungsten carbide that gives long life. 
  • Its harsh coat anti-stick Coating reduces friction and gumming.
  • Thin kerf design gives it a smooth-cut feeling. 
  • Its reinforced shoulder resistance has a remarkable impact on nail-embedded wood. 
  • Price is more affordable than the old model.

Disadvantages For New Model

  • You can’t use this blade for furniture-grade applications.
  • You may not get great results on paver stones cutting.

Specifications For The Old Model

  • Arbor: 5/8″ Diamond Knockout 
  • Compatible Materials: Wood 
  • Number Of Teeth: 60
  • Material: Carbide 
  • Measurement System: Metric 
  • Speed: 40 RPM
  • Assembled Diameter: 7.25 Inches 

Advantages For Old Model

  • This blade comes with a stricter tungsten carbide that keeps it sharper longer. 
  • This blade is specially made with an anti-stick coating that minimizes friction and gumming and gives a smooth cut. 
  • Its ribbed heat vents give this blade runs cooler and reduced blade flexing. 
  • This blade has used 5/8 inch arbor diamond knock-out technology. 

Disadvantages For Old Model 

  • This blade is not good enough for the laminate countertop.
  • You can’t use this blade for furniture-grade applications.


Makita 7-1/4″ 24T Carbide-Tipped Circular Saw Blade


  • Arbor Size: 5/8″ 
  • Teeth: 24
  • Tooth Grind: ATAF
  • Blade Tooth Material: Carbide 
  • Hook Angle: 15 Inches 
  • Kerf: 0.071 Inch
  • Plate Thickness: 0.047 Inch
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: No

The Makita 10 7-1/4″ 24T Carbide-Tipped Circular Saw Blade is ideal for most general construction cutting applications. It is also used in farming and for general purposes as well as. 

This blade can quickly cut concluded rough framing lumber, plywood, OSB, and engineered lumber. Its top alternative face tooth design and expertly tensioned plate make for precise cuts.

Makita 7-1/4″ 24T has used high-grade fine-grain tungsten Carbide tips. So, it confirms the stable speed while you will use this blade in the farming sector. Its M-shaped 24-tooth offers two cutting points like any traditional circular blade. 


  • This blade has designed with an alternative top and alternative face tooth grind that gives a precision cut.
  • Its large expansion slots help to reduce noise and vibration. 
  • This blade is made with a hardened and expert tension plate that gives a true cuts experience. 
  • Its 0.071-inch ultra-thin kerf carbide-tripped design offers smooth cuts with minimal material loss and less energy. 
  • This blade is good for wood, farming, and general construction applications. 


  • Cutting while softwood may create extra vibrations 
  • It would be best if you did not use this blade to cut steel-belted tires. It may be dangerous because the rubber cause sidekick.


TOMAX 7-1/4-Inch 60 Tooth TCG Circular Saw Blade


  • Teeth: 60 
  • Arbor : 5/8″ DMK Arbor 
  • Blade Tooth Material: Carbide 
  • Hook Angle: -6 Inch 
  • Kerf: 0.071 Inch
  • Plate Thickness: 0.047 Inch
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Compatible Materials: Aluminum, Metals, and Plastic. 

TOMAX 7-1/4-Inch 60 Tooth TCG is a fully integrated Saw Blade. There are three more sizes available in the marketplace right now. Such as 7-1/4” 60T, 7-1/4” 80T, and 7-1/4” 100T.

In this article, we will talk about 7-1/4″ 60T. This blade uses a laser-cut anti-vibration slot that reduces vibration and sideways movement and extends cutting life.

This blade comes with a laser-cut steel body that offers smooth cuts and flatness. Its electrophoretic Coating reduces gumming, rusting, and corrosion for better long-lasting. This blade is ideal for cutting aluminum, plastic and non-ferrous metal such as copper, brass, bronze, and lead. 

This blade is also well known for cutting extrusions and profiles. Its negative hook angle, triple chip grind, and thick plate produce a superior finish. After all, this blade is specially designed for the best performance and maximum life.


  • This blade is very popular among users for cutting aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and plastics. 
  • Its high-grade carbide teeth offer maximum resistance for long-lasting. 
  • Its electrophoretic Coating reduces gumming and corrosion. 
  • Its laser-cut steel body and anti-vibration slots reduce vibration. 
  • Precise formulation and sharper edge make it a unique circular saw blade. 


  • This blade doesn’t have great experience cutting wood as expected. 
  • This blade is good for TCG aluminum but not as good for storefront aluminum. 


TWIN-TOWN 7-1/4-Inch General Purpose Saw Blade


  • Arbor Size: 5/8″ DMK Arbor 
  • Number Of Teeth: 60 
  • Material: Carbide 
  • Kerf: 1.38mm 
  • Compatible Materials: Engineered Wood, Wood  

TWIN-TOWN Saw Blade comes in 4 different sizes. Such as 7-1/4-Inch 60T, 8-1/4-Inch 60T, 10 Inch 40T, 10 Inch 60T. In this article, we will talk about 7-1/4-Inch 60T, which is mostly used. 

This blade is of tungsten carbide, which is ideal for cutting applications in softwood, hardwood, chipboard, and plywood using a circular or miter saw. Its C4 high-grade tungsten carbide teeth generate a maximum thrice-long life. 

It’s 1.8mm ultra-thin kerf blade design allows a smooth and fast cutting experience with less waste. TWIN-TOWN 7-1/4-Inch 60T has used laser-cut vents noise vibration to keep this blade cool and reduce blade warp. 


  • This blade has a silky finish and cut super to the price point. 
  • This blade comes at an affordable price, is Wicked sharp, and perfect for any wood cutting. 
  • 1.38mm kerf cuts through really heavy and thick hardwood without any problem. 
  • You won’t find any splintering on the edges, cutting plywood. 
  • It’s C4 high-grade tungsten carbide teeth, given its value of a long-lasting product. 


  • Using this blade on the miter saw is perfect but, on the table, saw bit awful. 
  • Too much use as a stance may burns the trim.

Buying Guide OF 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw Blade

Several types of 7-1/4-inch Circular saw blades, and each type of circular saw blade is designed to cut different materials. Before you buy a circular blade, make sure what purpose you want to use. Some blades are good for wood cutting, and some are plastics, aluminum, and metals. Based on your need, you have to select your circular saw blades. 

We have listed different 7-1/4 Inch styles of circular saw blades used for plastics, wood, aluminum, and metal cutting. 

We have considered several things to choose the best of 7-1/4 inch circular saw blades. Let’s check them out. 

Blade Size

There are two types of saws are available in the market. Like Circular saw and miter saw. Circular saws size are normally 6.5 inches to 7.25 inches, where miter saws are 10-12 inches.  

The most common blade diameter is 7-1/4 Inches. So, If you want to change or sharpen the blade anytime, you will get this as a common blade size everywhere. 


Thecorrect number of teeth of a circular saw blade is an important factor inachieving a smooth cut with optimal chip removal and little friction possible

while sawing, less strain, and extending the lifespan of your saw. 

Generally, 7-1/4 Inches blades usually have 40 to 80 teeth. Higher tooth count means that every tooth has to remove fewer materials. Less tooth count may occur, splintering or tearing. 

That’s why we have selected 60T blades. 7-1/4 Inches 60T blades either have splintering problem or fewer removal materials problem. So, 60T blades are perfect from every aspect. 


Kerf is the thickness of a blade. An ultra-thin kerf cuts the materials faster and wastes fewer materials. Kerf is also known for less energy and prolongs a saw’s battery life. That’s why we have selected some blades that have ultra-thin kerf. 

TWIN-TOWN saw blade comes with only 1.38mm kerf size. It is a best choice, if you want smooth cutting, reducing your cost, and prolonging battery life.

Other Things We Considered

There are few other things you must consider before buying a 7-1/4-inch circular saw blade.

1Anti-Friction Coating

Anti-Friction coating features reduces overheating. It helps to create a longer blade life and usage. Especially while cutting wood or metals, anti-friction coating works a lot to reduces overheating. All our listed products have anti-friction coating features. 

2. Anti-Vibration Slots

Most of the blades are not heavy. Anti-vibration slots are important factors to reduce vibration and sideways movement and extend cutting life while cutting. All our listed products have anti-vibration slots. So, you don’t need to be worried. 

3. Carbide

Carbide is responsible for keep sharp longer of a blade. Tungsten carbide is more strong material for the blade tooth. Carbide hardened the saw teeth that helps the blades to cut faster and keep sharp longer. 

4. Price

How much you want to spend?It is a big question while pandemic going on and no job like before. Don’t worry about the price. Most of our listed blades price range from $6-$8 to $40-$50 for high-end specialty blades.

Final Words

Whether you cut wood, plastics, or metals, 7-1/4-inch Circular saw blade has different types and styles. Some blades are good at woodcutting, and some are at metals or plastics.  

Each blade has different manual and safety matters. So, before you use those blades, know the purpose of what applications you are using for and follow the safety rules and stay safe.  

If you find any misinformation or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment and let us know.