Hi, Dennis Lopez here!

I am a blogger and a father, a husband, and an all-in-one man for all the home-solutions you need!

Being the CEO of a house is tougher than being the CEO of a company, and that I know by my own experience. You have to take care of the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom sink. From your family members to your newborn, everything is on you!

Fixing the breaking wall to cutting perfect wood pieces for the decoration, you cannot avoid anything! Yes, you bear it so that they don’t need to. But being a home-husband, I have learned how it is not easy to take care of everything at your house.

No matter how scheduled you are, something is going to be missed for sure. So, here, I will be your friend more than an advisor! I will tell you about my experiences in dealing with this life. I believe sharing is caring, and so, I will share all my tips and tricks so that you can avoid mistakes to make it better and easier for you!

About GearHaunt

What Will You Know Here?

If you are planning to be perfect, NO YOU CAN’T. All you can do is to try, and I am here to help you out. My page will chat with you about how you can take care of your kitchen and how to keep things organized.

Here, you will see the best methods of decorating light fixtures and keeping the bathroom clean. I am open to the debate on the perfect baby nursery formation or the pet-care sessions. For your home improvement, I will name the must-have products and the tricks that are must-followed.

The pros and cons of a trial will be deliberately mentioned with the consequence. From boiling water to set up the living room, all that you need for your home, I will talk over everything.

Should You Trust Us?

This is a common question that comes when you question the product recommendation of a blogger. And guess what? YOU SHOULD! Before believing in any blogger and investing your money on the suggestion, you should cross-check the information!

As I am a home-husband, I would always try to recommend your products that I have tried personally and loved. Some of the products I mention here include the links from where you can buy them. I will get a small amount of commission against your purchase of the product through the link.

My honest soul says this is a win-win situation for my readers and me because this is how I grow and can serve the readers religiously what they want to know!

However, some basics are strictly kept in mind while recommending the products:

  • Quality and usability
  • Construction and durability
  • Performance and efficiency
  • The reputation of the Brand
  • Online and offline user-reviews
  • Brand’s customer care service

Enjoy my GearHaunt.com and get in touch using the contact form or comment box for any sort of assistance.